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    lollys mate
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    Apparently, if your young or old, you want to leave this God forsaken place.<br> But if your middle aged with a huge tax bill to pay and a mortgage and more tax to pay, and council tax to pay and congestion "tax" to pay, your more likely to stay.

    10% of all brits now live abroad. More than ever. And the rate looks as though it will only go up.


    Is it to make room for the incoming? I dont think so.

    I, for what its worth, think, that its because this country is finished. <br> The old saying that says, "You only get out of life, what you put in" doesn’t work anymore.<br> "The less you work, the more you get" seems to fit the bill!

    Try and turn up in Australia or Spain and get a free house and benefit!

    Anyone else feel the same?

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    Hi Lolly’s Mate.<br>I think there are a number of reasons why people want to leave. Some or all of the following might count.<br>1) Bad weather<br>2) The seemingly uncontrolled influx of non-white,  uncivilised criminal elements who do not have the morals or work ethics <br>3) The belief that our politicians (of whatever stripe) are a total bloody waste of time and couldn’t run a p**s up in brewery<br>4) Ease and low cost of foreign travel<br>5) Cost of overseas property in comparison to UK<br>6) Ability to keep in  touch  with events in UK via internet satellite TV etc.<br>7) The ever increasing rise of bureaucracy and the mindset of political correctness and "health and safety".<br>8) Fear that bringing up ones’ children here will result in them having an inferior education in an inferior states chool system (comprehensive) . If you can’t afford a private education then in the UK you can only cross your fingers and hope that your local state school is half-decent.<br>9) The knowledge that when your kids watch TV or read the papers over here, they’ll be filled with tales of rape, murder, infidelity, vulgarity, drunkeness and generally feted with scum and half-wit "celebrities". (And that’s only East Enders!). <br> How’s that for starters?

    lollys mate
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    Its worse than I thought!

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    Insomniac has quoted most of the reasons. Two more that I would add are<br>1. It’s good to do something a bit adventurous and people see emigrating as a way of doing this.<br>2. There are just too many people here. England is now one of the most overpopulated countries in the world. The 4th it said on the news recently. The UK and NZ have approx the same habitable land area but the UK apparently has 15 times as many people – that’s a hell of a difference. Everywhere I go here seems to be overcrowded.  

    dave jay
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    The rats are trying to get out of the barrel, while the government tries to keep it brimming to the rim with all of the dross from all over the planet that nobody else wants.

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    I can’t believe the politically correct brigade haven’t already slaughtered you all for posting such comments.

    The truth is no defence in this country you know.:biggrin:

    lollys mate
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    Yeah Ted.

    I thought the liberals amongst the forum might have reacted a bit.

    Maybe the country is a worse state than even I thought.

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    LM  it just might be that the liberals on here are undergoing a conversion (like Blair / Trevor Phillips on "multi-culturalism) and now agree with our views. Wouldn’t hold my breath though.

    lollys mate
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    Nah insomniac.

    Think about it. 10%…………………….

    Thats a huge amount of people. <br> And the majority of them have left whilst "New Labour" have come to power.

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM! I wonder why that is?

    Janet, Tooting and Aranalde…

    You all tried to shoot me down when I had my little rant about immigration. Now that there are more people who have left the country than ever before, (and its projected that the amount that want to leave in the next 10 years will be higher). Did I have a point?


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    We moved when it looked like Labour were coming into power (not the reason and not that the Tories were any better), but it was probably the best decision we ever made.

    A much better life for us, but more importantly much more opportunity for our son.

    The one thing we do notice is the negativity in the British people, especially now that we have been here a while.

    All I hear from discussion or correspondence is how bad things are getting.

    It’s not Utopia here by any stretch of the imagination, but there would be no possibility of ever considering a return to live in the UK (and we lived in a nice rural area).

    lollys mate
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    Heh Janet!

    Your getting soft old girl.

    You say "possibly I am right". I think deep down you know that this Great Britain that we live in is not great anymore.

    I would like to ask you personally, as to why you think 10% of brits have already left, and why it will not stop there, being as though, you think this country (GB) is such a good place to live?

    I also think that most people leave, not because of your quoted wanderlust or economic opportunity, but simply because there home towns and counties have become very undesirable.

    <br>Your words!<br> "I don’t think it’s a straightforward case of people leaving because the immigrants are taking over, if that’s what your suggesting. "

    What other reasons do you have for the mass exodus?

    In Harrow, 1 family move out of a house, and 10 Polish move in. This goes for the majority of boroughs.

    Think about this Janet.<br> For the first time in nearly 20 years of haveing my own buisness in the construction industry, I have no work booked in for the new year. Not 1 days work.<br> I still have my average size mortgage to pay, (10 Polish in 1 rented house at say £1,000 per month = £25 per week per pole), They can afford to work for peanuts. I cant! But they are stealing all of our work, and doing it for next to nothing. And you may quote me on this in the future……….

    It will only get worse!

    A main reason for this emmigration.

    I do like the hat joke thing. But you tarts tend to not wear hats cos it messes up your hair.

    Love to Mr hopper and hope you dont burn the turkey whilst your cooking in your apron. Luv!

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    I don’t think it’s a straightforward case of people leaving because the immigrants are taking over, if that’s what your suggesting.<br>

    Spot on, Grasshopper. <br>Ok, to answer the why are they leaving question, you’d have to go and ask the 10%.<br>I think there is a very good chance that the 10% will give you a variety of reasons. <br>I reckon that the first reasons they will give are the perceived benefits, or the very personal ones. <br>Then come the state of the nation ones.

    Also, people aren’t just emigrating from those areas in the UK which are heavily affected by immigration, are they?

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    Quote: from insomniac on 7:06 pm on Dec. 12, 2006[br]<br>LM  it just might be that the liberals on here are undergoing a conversion (like Blair / Trevor Phillips on "multi-culturalism) and now agree with our views. <br>

    <br>Not this Liberal, I’m afraid. Not ever.<br>

    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    Perhaps the reason you haven’t got any work is because British builders are generally perceived as lazy, unreliable, good for nothing aresholes, whereas Polish workers are perceived as polite, hard working, reliable craftsmen?

    Perhaps if British builders hadn’t spent the last decades  behaving like cowboys and treating us like idiots we wouldn’t be begging for eastern europeans to do our loft conversions.

    Something for you to ponder when you finally p**s
    off to your English ghetto on the Costa Brava, wondering why the Spaniards spit in your cerveza.

    With love as always.

    dave jay
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    Having worked in Poland for some time I can assure you that the Poles are also work shy and incompetent, the same as British builders. The big difference being around -£15/hour.

    Thats builders for you though.

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