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    Hi guys.

    Just been reading through the forum catching up after my break, forum seems to have steadied up a bit, wheres all the old forum members got to, come on guys lets get this show back on the road.:cheesy:

    Heres a system to get things going again E.S.I.M part1 there is a part 2 but im still fine tunning it at the moment.

    This part is for the all weather season and turf flat season.<br>Part 2 is for national hunt.

    E.S.I.M. part 1.

    1. All weather only.

    2. All races considered.

    3.Current season last time out two form figures only to be used.<br>11  21  12  22  31  32

    4.Must have had a recent run up to 21 days.

    5.Must be quoted in the first five of the sporting life betting forcast.

    6.Must be a distance winner.

    Back all selections even if there is more than one in a race, its best to have two or more bites at the cherry with decent form horses.

    1 point level stakes all selections.

    So there you have it, will put up selections on friday for saturdays two a/w meetings.


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    Selections for saturday 6th december 2003.

    LINGFIELD.<br>11.55 chateau nicol 1 point win.<br>11.55 pants 1 point win.<br>1.25 cold turkey 1 point win.<br>3.40 gallery breeze 1 point win.<br>3.40 bint makbul 1 point win.

    WOLVERHAMPTON.<br>7.00 perfect night 1 point win.<br>7.30 sharp hat 1 point win.

    Here goes:cheesy: :) <br>Daz.:cheesy: <br>

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    Well sods law put something new up and it goes tits up on the first day how embarising, never mind.<br>One good winner will soon turn it around, take the rough with the smooth, anyway its only the first day.:cheesy:

    Selections for monday 8th december 2003.


    1.10 Mutarafaa 1 point win.

    2.40 Rock Concert 1 point win.

    Bank stands at 7- points loss at the moment, dont give up on me yet.:cheesy: :) things can soon change in this game.

    See ya later.<br>Daz.;)

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