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    An interesting one liner in today’s Racing Post.

    Gary O’Brien is featured in the "Presenting The Presenter" section and in answer to "What Next?" his response was "more commentating"

    Based on his excellent commentaries for Radio Five Live on the last few Grand National’s that is very welcome news indeed.

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    Don’t know if he’s regard leaving his present ATR role to take over from dear old Des as an improvement in his life or not- it’s a bit of a grind. Good news if he does, Dessie can’t retire soon enough…

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    The interview Des gave to the Racing Post last year cemented the great man’s place in the all-time legends of the sport.

    If memory serves, his recurring theme was: "I hate racing, I’d much rather be watching the football".

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    Can just see the meeting to sort out a reduction in the names on the commentators rostrum in Ireland for 2010. ‘Oh we’ve lost one there, we’ll pick him up in a minute’.

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    Very droll, DJ!

    Yep, Gumshield, that was basically the thrust of the interview with him. Either Gary O’Brien or Jerry Hannon would be my choice of successor when the day arrives.


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    Surprised Peter O’Hehir hasn’t got a mention, he’s much the best Irish commentator for me.
    Not heard enough of Gary O’Brien to judge him as a commentator but impressed with some of his answers to the questionnaire, Peter O’Sullevan being his most admired commentator and the excellent quote from Gary Player.

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    Not to mention his favourite horse!

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