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    Can anyone who follows US racing make a comparison?

    I always enjoy the Breeders Cup but there were several occasions when I just wished that straight was a bit longer. Unless the pace collapsed it seemed very difficult to recover a bad position. A wide draw also very hard especially with early pace inside. La Coronel an obvious example of a horse with the form to win but never a factor.


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    In my view Highland Reel benefitted from a great font running ride from Seamie Heffernan who seized the race by the neck and probably partly stole it.
    However I cannot help but think that the merit in the ride was contributed to by the other jockeys in the race who neither seemed to anticipate it, nor responded to it in time.
    On another note is it just me or do others find American turf racing incredibly frustrating ?
    The dirt tracks themselves seem to be small / tight enough, but with them being built around the turf tracks , this necessitates the latter being little more than an oversized greyhound track.
    There seems therefore to be an inordinate amount of luck involved regarding the draw position and the luck required in running to avoid scrimmaging.
    Personally I much prefer Newbury, York, Haydock or Newmarket. Parochial, eh ?


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    I share some of your frustrations, Unfortunately, the US might not want to provide a more galloping track, if indeed they actually exist. I do think it is a shame the number of times we have revisited Santa Anita.

    Problem is jockeys will mess up whatever the track. I am sure if I looked closely enough I could find hard luck stories at all the tracks you mentioned. Personally, if Ryan Moore is considered the best around, I think that says more about the overall standard than it does about him.

    Leparoux appeared to be the jock most caught out by the short straight, notably on Valadorna and Tepin.

    I thought the three best rides were Ortiz (Oscar Performance), Heffernan (Highland Reel) and Smith (Arrogate).

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