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Daylight Cup Week 6 Fixtures

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    Everyone starts their return legs this week so a few will be out looking for revenge for those week 1 defeats!

    Good luck all.

    Week 6 Fixtures

    Group 1<br>Andrew saunders–Vs–Rainman<br>Matty –Vs–DVDs 2000

    Group 2<br>Slater–Vs–Cardiffian<br>Zandor–Vs–Perry<br>Bampi–Vs–Stormwatch

    Group 3<br>The Bairn–Vs–Quick Away<br>Happpy Jack–Vs–Roland<br>Wingandaprayer–Vs–Viking Flagship

    Group 4<br>Perpetual–Vs–raycyn28<br>RayH–Vs–Pat123<br>Grundy–Vs–Crazyjoe

    Group 5<br>Grashopper–Vs–Brian D<br>Harry The Wragg–Vs–Bertie<br>Flatseasonlover–Vs–Trigger

    Group 6<br>CityGirl–Vs–Ozie<br>Johnny B–Vs–Jordon

    Group 7<br>John Williams–Vs–Bear<br>Manugirl–Vs–Deano H

    Group 8<br>Ajhood–Vs–Grey Desire<br>Bob Rolf–Vs–Mistercee

    Group 9<br>Den S–Vs–Weyayeman<br>Wiz–Vs–Jaslang<br><br>Group 10<br>Grizzo–Vs–Ted<br>Kevin –Vs–Absolution

    Group 11<br>Just Betting–Vs–Andybeax<br>Baggie321–Vs–Brenda

    Group 12<br>Chrissy–Vs–Treggy<br>Merve The Swerve–Vs–The wizard

    Group 13<br>Kenboy–Vs–Non Vintage<br>Mick (Slade)–Vs–Maurice

    Group 14<br>Keith Reed–Vs–Cormack15<br>SteveH–Vs–Racing Daily

    Jim JTS
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    Week 6 Results… (Group tables will be updated in due course)

    Group 1 <br>Andrew Saunders–Vs–Rainman 38 – 10  (3-0 points)<br>Matty –Vs–DVDs 2000 12 – 22  (0-3 points)

    Group 2 <br>Slater–Vsâ€â€Â

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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