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Daylight Cup Week 2

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    Week 2 Fixtures

    Group 1<br>Andrew saunders–Vs–Matty <br>Stav–Vs–Rainman

    Group 2<br>Slater–Vs–Zandor<br>Bampi–Vs–Cardiffian<br>Stormwatch–Vs–Perry

    Group 3<br>The Bairn–Vs–Happpy Jack<br>Wingandaprayer–Vs–Quick Away<br>Viking Flagship–Vs–Roland

    Group 4<br>Perpetual–Vs–RayH<br>Grundy–Vs–raycyn28<br>Crazyjoe–Vs–Pat123

    Group 5<br>Grashopper–Vs–Harry The Wragg<br>Flatseasonlover–Vs–Brian D<br>Trigger–Vs–Bertie

    Group 6<br>CityGirl–Vs–Johnny B<br>Doyley–Vs–Ozie

    Group 7<br>John Williams–Vs–Manugirl<br>Merlin The Magician–Vs–Bear

    Group 8<br>Ajhood–Vs–Bob Rolf<br>Michael walsh–Vs–Grey Desire

    Group 9<br>Den S–Vs–Wiz<br>Jim JTS–Vs–Weyayeman

    Group 10<br>Grizzo–Vs–Kevin <br>Hoofski–Vs–Ted

    Group 11<br>Just Betting–Vs–Baggie321<br>Neil Anderson–Vs–Andybeax

    Group 12<br>Chrissy–Vs–Merve The Swerve<br>Tetleys–Vs–Treggy

    Group 13<br>Kenboy–Vs–Mick (Slade)<br>Waltertaws–Vs–Non Vintage

    Group 14<br>Keith Reed–Vs–SteveH<br>Colin Little–Vs–Cormack15<br>

    Jim JTS
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    Going by Bobs scores in the 4pp here are the results for week 2 in the Daylight Cup :-

    <br>Week 2 RESULTS :-

    Group 1 <br>Andrew saunders–Vs–Matty  6 – 27 (0-3 points)<br>Stav–Vs–Rainman 0 – 8 (0-3 points)

    Group 2 <br>Slater–Vs–Zandor  7 – 22 (0-3 points)<br>Bampi–Vsâ€â€Â

    non vintage
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    Sorry to be a pain, but I think I got more points than that (I have asked Bob to check) and it would make a difference…


    Jim JTS
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    No problems NV, score now amended, all mistakes in scoring that may occur will be sorted in due course. All scores will be double checked given time and the tables will be updated soon.

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