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    Nathan Hughes
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    That’s good then me old mucker,
    Only time I’ve been to Kent is when I escaped from the workhouse and jumped on a wagon being pulled by a horse it was, I was going to London to seek my fortune but fell asleep and woke up in Kent, I did.
    I’m from Somerset me old china…. :rose:

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    Thanks for the heads up Darren with the early start in Dubai, I would
    have missed it :good:

    Golf In Dubai

    Martin Kymer 21/1 (Betfair Exchange) (28/1 1st round leader market)

    He’s playing as well as he has for a long time now, and 4 top 10s in his
    last 6 starts can’t be ignored. T5 last time out in the Italian open,
    I think he has a great chance here. I’ve finally taken the plunge and
    registered with Betfair. A fair difference at 21/1 as opposed to a best
    priced 16s elsewhere.

    Sean Crocker 39/1 10 places Betfair Ex (55/1 1st round leader Market)

    It all depends on whether Sean has got over his shock ending in the Alfred
    Dunhill Championship last week. He had every chance going to the final hole,
    and a birdie on the par 5 18th would have seen him in a play off. Unfortunately
    for Sean he had a disaster 3 over par 8. If he takes the positives out of his
    game there he should realise that he’s up to winning this. I think his 1st round
    will let us know what way this is going.

    Guido Migliozzi 70/1 (60/1 1st round leadrer market)

    He looked like he was going to have a hand in the finish of the Italian Open
    when he was well up there after the cut. A 73 in the 3rd round scuppered that
    idea, but he did show what he was all about with a final round 65. He did well
    out in Oman before the break where he finished T4, so hopefully he likes it out
    in that part of the world.

    I’ll stick with the 3 just now, and get my bets in for the South African
    open and the Mayakoba a bit later. I hope that Raymo has clocked that
    this starts tomorrow. Wednesday Start Raymo :good:

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    I know Graham have missed it Grrrrrrr!! Have backed three after the first round in hope rather than expectation

    R PARATORE 80/1
    L SCALISE 100/1
    J MORRISON 100/1

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    And my other bets are


    B STONE 16/1
    S VINCENT 70/1
    N SCHIETEKAT 100/1

    Hope I have spelt the last one right LOL LOL

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    A ANCER 18/1
    C ORTIZ 45/1
    E GRILLO 55/1
    B GARNETT 125/1

    Oh and someone gave me a free bet so I put it each way on Ricky Fowler at 25/1 cos he needs to do well here to get/stay top fifty to get in the Masters next year :good: :good:

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    As this is the last golf tournaments I am betting on this year I have done my accounts for my golf bets for the year and including this weeks bets I have managed to win £1600 this year if I get nothing back this week!

    Considering I have only backed four winners that is some doing even though I say so myself. Admittedly the four winners included a 150/1 and a 125/1 winner which probably distorts the figures somewhat I am happy with my year of golf punting :good: :good:

    Be lucky this week fellow musketeers :good: :good:

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    It’s the late late show again here, and rather that post up in the morning
    when it’s well under way I’ll just post names up just now as I’m cream
    crackered :wacko:

    South African Open

    Wilco Nienaber 14/1 (33/1 1st round leader market)

    Louis De Jager 50/1 (55/1 1st round leader market)

    Jacques Blaauw 70/1 E/W 130/1 on Exchange win to £20
    (75/1 1st round leader market)

    Well done Raymo, that’s a very healthy profit mate :yahoo:
    I meant to keep a running tally, but didn’t, so I’ll have
    a run back through them over the next couple of days and see
    how I’ve done. Good luck if this is our last week guys :good:

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    BigG you forget bets for Makyoba classic just started PGA tour

    Golf next week is

    DP Tour championship in dubai
    Shark shootout which I remember you had winner of event BigG few years ago think was Dufner and Snedecker

    Well done Raymo on golf this year my season murder mate 2winners so far be 3 if count Schaufflele be best scorer over 4days in Tour championship some ew places to

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    Nearly missed this one, so had a stab at a couple that i think might end
    my golfing season of with a win.

    Mayakoba Golf Classic

    Joaquin Niemann 35/1 (45/1 1st round leader market)

    He’s already got 1 win under his belt and he’s been consistantly in the mix
    recently. Three top 20s, including 6th at the CJ Cup in August, and although
    he didn’t start to well with a 73 in his only outing after those 3, in the RSM
    last month, he fired in a couple of terrific rounds, 66 and a 65 for T44. He’s
    had a few weeks off and I’d expect him to to do well in both the 1st round betting
    (I’ll predict 65) and outright.

    Sebastian Munoz 55/1 (60/1 1st round leader market)

    Yes it’s me banging on again about Sebastian, and I make no appology. He’s
    a very decent player although his odds haven’t always indicated that. They’re
    getting shorter though, no treble figures now since his 9th in the CJ Cup, T14
    in the Zozo and T19 in the Masters. The experience he got from the Masters,
    despite blowing up with a final round 75 is invaluable. He’s only played
    in the RSM since the Masters, and he missed the cut. That’s very likely
    a response from the poor finish in the Masters, but with time to get over
    that I think he will be competing on Sunday and making a better job of it.
    he’s my winner for this.

    Well that’s it for this year guys, I’ll have a look through and see how I’ve
    done. Let’s hope for a seasonal flourish :good:

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    Well my prediction for Niemann nearly came true in the 1st round, I said
    he’d have a 65, I was 1 out with a 66. So he’s leader on his own at the
    moment at 5 under but half the field are still out there so I’ll need to
    bite my nails and hope he holds on :whistle:

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    Looks like Russell Knox is going to do you on the first round leader betting Graham sorry mate!
    If I Had bet mine in the first round market I would be swearing too cos Ortiz and Grillo are both tied for second with your man Niemann but I didn’t so all I have is a good start from them :good:
    Schietekat going okay in South Africa and the two Italians are doing all right in Dubai but are quite a way behind Sully

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    Cheers Raymo, I didn’t follow up on the golf until a short time ago and I see
    my man Niemann got stuffed by Knox :wacko: I kind of half expected someone might
    get the better of him, I thought that 65 would lead the way and it did. At least
    I have the E/W at 45/1 so it eases the pain a bit and he, along with your 2 guys,
    is in a good position. Hopefully we can get something more out of this 1 :good:

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    Raymo Grillo got a 4shot lead for you but word of warning did this to me few years ago in Indian open went crazy in 3rd round dropping shot after shot hope better for you

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    Lead is down to one now Darren eeeekh!!
    I have Vincent with a chance of a place in South Africa and also Ortiz and Ancer and Garnett not far off the places too!! I am sure the wheels will fall off tomorrow but here is hoping :good:

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    Don’t give up hope Raymo, I thought Grillo was in trouble with bogies
    at 10 and 12 but he came back with a couple of birdies so maybe that’s
    his wobble over. I’m kicking myself I left out Hovland because he was a
    bit shorter than Niemann, and I kept to 2. Niemann has done well but at
    10 under and 6 behind the best I can hope for, barring a miracle, is that
    he gets into the places. Darren you’re in the same position as me with
    Ancer who needs a goud round to get into the money.

    Good luck guys :good:

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