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    Well yesterday in golf Kaymer took a 2 shot lead and is nowhere now he just could not hole a putt

    BigG your man Reavie 6 clear should win from here though not win a lot so might be a few dodgy moments tonight

    And in Tennis Bencic in final vs Kenin if she win be 9/1 for me hope she can

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    Good luck with Bencic Darren, I reckon she will do it.
    I’m in a bit of a quandary Darren and maybe you and Raymo might say how you see this one.
    Reavie should win, I mean he’s 6 clear, but as you say he’s not won a lot, only 1 win
    back in 2008. He’s definitely playing his best golf ever, T3 in the US Open last time out,
    but will knowing he can only throw it away put pressure on him.

    At the halfway stage of round 3, Sucher was 6 clear of Reavie, then the back nine produced
    a turnaround swing of 12 shots….it can happen :wacko:

    So the thing is, I picked him out at 60/1 and typed up my bit in here. When I went to place
    the bet I noticed that Betfred were offering 1 place more, although they were 5 points lower
    at 55/1. I stuck a tenner e/w on with Betfred. Potentially the return is £680, but as he is
    2/7 in the betting, Betfred are offering £500.91 in CashOut. There are 8 players sitting on
    between 8 and 10 under, They will tee off a good way before my man and if one of them starts
    well he might be starting with a lead of a couple of shots.

    I know you’re not a great fan of the CashOut normally Darren, Raymo is a bit like me in that
    sometimes a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. I’ve got a few hours to decide, but what
    do you think guys, I’m teetering on the brink as it is a guaranteed 500 quid. What do you think
    guys :unsure:

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    What you do mate as just come back on internet did you cash out or let it ride in the end up to you it is mate

    Gutted over Bencic made it worse she break kenin to love go 5-4 up in 2nd set so serve for match she serves 3 double faults also somehow in game she got 3 match points but not take any of them

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    Well decision made, I’m letting it run, but had some covering insurance bets on
    those closest behind. As long as someone doesn’t come right out of the pack with a
    ridiculous score I hopefully should be alright and with who I’ve got at the
    moment, if any of them win I still get more than taking my CashOut. In fact if
    2 of them, Suchar or Diaz (who I don’t think will win) do manage to take this I’d
    get more than my original bet would return.

    I’ll be keeping a close eye and can react if needs be :whistle:

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    Sorry to see that Bencic didn’t do it for you mate, I thought she was the likely winner.
    Good shout with her, just a bit unlucky mate :-(

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    I should have said the other 2 I’ve got on are, pretty obviously, Day and Bradley.

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    Well this is getting pretty tight now, and looks it’s all down to Reavie, Bradley and
    Tway. The good thing is I’m covered for all 3, in fact either Bradley or Tway would
    return me more than Reavie. I took a 2nd bet on Bradley when everyone else seemed to
    be out of it, and when Tway looked the only outside danger I stuck 20 quid on him at
    40/1. He’s down to 28/1 and whilst it’s unlikely he will win, Bradley is on a bit of
    a charge. I think Reavie will hold on, and I’ll be more than happy with that :good:

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    WELL DONE GRAHAM :good: :good:
    Another good winner for the thread :good: :good:

    Haven’t been around much as I am still recovering from my worst Royal Ascot ever :cry: :cry:

    But once again well done mate :good: :good:

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    Cheers Raymo, as it happens it was my worst Royal Ascot too. One decent
    ante post and a couple of piddling priced nags, but I lost badly.

    Just as well the golf has come to my rescue, I considered taking the CashOut
    earlier, but let it run and used about a ton in insurance bets. As it happened I
    didn’t need them, but I would have been sweating blood coming to the 17th without
    them and I was still well ahead of the Cashout offer in the end. It’s nice sitting
    with your feet up enjoying the golf no matter whatever way it goes :good:

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    When does Wimbledon start Daz
    and who have you back me old sunshine..?

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    Nath Wimbledon next week i did have Coric but might not play now so might wait for draw or do Federer at 7/2 with Coral and add another when draw is out

    Well done bigG my Ascot not great as well 1winner 4 horses 2nd gutted but happy Reavie won

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    Bets for Andalucia masters


    No doubt recent form not been at his best but should be well clear of field in terms of price Rahm is better but he to wild on this course.Garcia won here last 2years in a row can win it again


    Was 22nd here last year which was ok by him and he type of player that suit this course as not about power this week.Recent form ok to

    AARON RAI 70/1

    Winner in hong kong at start of year has not found form since so maybe a return here where he was 8th in 2017 a MC last year but can do better here this week


    Been 12 and 4th here last 2years and recent form been better as well still a maiden but maybe now back on a course done well at he could follow in Andrew Beef Johnston pick up 1st european title here.

    Have to say PGA event is hard for me with no course form go on bets for that tomorrow it will be

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    Bets for Rocket Mortgage classic


    Course is near Akron where Mats enjoy win at Bridgestone so a venue near here could be form to look at this year a up and down season for him play well at Farmers then at Phoniex open is no good.Return to form 6th in Memorial while then 21st in us open.So feel course will suit


    Donald Ross course it is and this guy form at these venues he won Tour championship and 2nd behind Tiger last year.Also on another Ross course 3rd at BMW last year to.Recent form good to can be big danger to everyone this week.

    AARON WISE 66/1

    This young star a serious talent no reason why can’t go well here lack of course form not hinder him and 35th at us open was ok by him and can take a big step forward this week.

    SAM BURNS 150/1

    This top young player has lots of talent and been playing ok recent months 3rd at Sandersons farms behind Champ not been that high since but can go well


    Has form on Ross courses and could go well at whopper of a price was 3rd at BMW 2016 where only Casey and DJ were above him in classy field.Has MC in recent weeks but 35th in Canada and may go a long way here.

    This a hard event it is so best of luck guys on here

    S Garcia 13/2 H Matsuyama 16/1 win double to.

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    Andalucia Masters

    John Rahm 7/1 (16/1 1st round leader market)

    Garcia is a standing dish here, but as Darren has pointed out he’s
    not been in the greatest of form of late, whereas Rahm comes here
    off the back of a T3 in the US Open and his game looks in very good
    shape. Hopefully Rahm is still on the way up, he’s only 25, and if he
    can kerb his cavalier style a tad he could run away with this.

    Oliver Wilson 70/1 (70/1 1st round leader market)

    I’ve had a bit of a run on Wilson over the past few weeks, I thought his
    game had turned a corner and he was playing his best golf for a long time.
    He hasn’t managed to get in front for me, but he didn’t do me any harm
    with a good 1st round e/w which covered all my bets even before Reavie’s
    win. He had a disappointing 2nd round, but pulled his game together again
    for a top 30 finish. He needs to step up again, T26 doesn’t get your cash
    back, but I’m hopeful he can get back to his top 10 finishes recently in
    Made In Denmark and the British Masters.

    Christiaan Bezuidenhout 80/1 (80/1 1st round leader market)

    I was nearly kicking myself last week as I had considered him for the BMW
    International and he looked at one point that he might win it. Much to my
    relief he didn’t win, but he showed consistent good golf throughout, including
    a cracking 2nd round 65 for T3. This South African has just turned 24 and I reckon
    he can start making his mark, he’s already had 3 top 5s since March. I reckon he’s
    well overpriced at 80/1.

    I’ll get my Rocket Challenge Classic (the what? :unsure: ) on later in the day
    or tomorrow morning.

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    Any bets Raymo this week

    And good luck you guys to

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