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    As many may remember I recently posted regarding the inordinate amount of time (over 15 minutes) it took the Wolverhampton judge to call a photo finish, ultimately calling my selection in second when it looked for all money that it had won.

    Tonight, in Kempton’s 8.50, a dead-heat has been called within 3 or 4 minutes of the race having finished and, annoyingly, I backed one of the dead-heaters (admittedly to small stakes).

    Is there not a set procedure, or standardised system, all such finishes must follow in order to determine a result? I don’t see how it’s possible to take 15 minutes to differentiate between 2 horses, yet call a dead-heat in a fifth of the time (and as I’ve still made a profit on the race I’m not complaining, just trying to understand the processes involved).

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    In my time, if you wanted a consensus on a difficult topic, you called a meeting of the interested parties at 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon. Similarly, perhaps, if you want a speedy consensus on a deadheat, you ask for the opinions of the Stewards late in the evening midweek, just before last calls for dinner! :lol:

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    I would have thought 3 to 4 mins is very very fast to call a dead heat.

    However, these days with all the high tech gear it could be regarded as slow.

    I was involved in a photo once and it took all of 10 to 15 mins. That was when they looked at the print and if they could not agree a horse had definately won the judge would call for a further print…..resized. Only takes someone to grab a quick cup of tee or go to the toilet and 10 mins becomes 15.

    Could it be that all courses don’t have or can’t afford the high tech equipment that say a course like Kempton or Ascot might have? or it could be there was a fault they had to fix…..they are only human you know.

    Just guessing but someone on here probably knows for sure why you get delays.

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    It’s possible image quality may vary due to focal variation, light conditions, shadows, other horses being ‘in the way’; hence some photos being more tricky to interpret than others.

    The quickest call of a dead-heat I can recall was that of Kasthari and Millenary in the Doncaster Cup which can’t have taken more than a couple of minutes, much to the amazement of many of us on course.

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    … Or it could be that some judges have better eye sight and are more confident that they have the result correct, whereas some judges prefer to take their time, study the photo 3 or 4 times, pass it round the office, send it to a lab at Oxofrd University, then call the horse we had thought had won as the winner – the distance, half a length :lol:


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    Why bother with photos at all? Just get a South African commentator to do it, they make the boldest calls I’ve ever heard!

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    That’s a sore point with me. I backed a horse at Hexam one day from 50/1 down to whatever….I went nuts and couldn’t even tell you how much I had on but it was a lot of poppy and I was floating above ground my pockets were so light….was the only horse in the race that had run well on firm ground…..Rozinante I think it was called and might have been Arthur Eubanks’s……no photo finish some drunken judge called Irish Owen the winner and I swear he was beaten a neck my horse and that was the opinion of all around me………..probably the bastid was here on holiday from SA and asked for a wee shot at judging :lol:

    The good ol’ days were not as good as some would lead you to believe. I am all for Modern Technology………..where would we be without calculators it would be impossible to to get served in a shop :lol:

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