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Congratulations to Paul Nicholls

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    Well done to Paul Nicholls and his team at Ditcheat as there is no way he can be caught now and will be crowned champion nat hunt trainer. <br>From a modest start with 15 horses he has finally achieved one of his ambitions.<br>Well done and congratulations.

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    And in fairness to Martin Pipe, whether you like the man or his methods,when he waved the white flag of surrender pre Aintree he was magnanimous in defeat.<br>This probably indicates a permanent shift in power.<br>Pipe will hand over to his son at some point and to my mind the yard is in a state of transition. The Pipe stable has had a relatively poor year. Yes, Well Chief may return but whether he will be as good as he was is a matter of conjecture but Pipe and principal owner David Johnson have few young horses for the future.Where are the juvenile or novice hurdlers?

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    Last years finish was poor stuff but either way, hes the best trainer around at the moment and beacuse hes always been fair with his communicatiosn to the public and seems agood guy, Im pleased for him

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    Yeah,   I mean I find him a real optemist so I dont perhaps take it too much in when he gives a tip.

    But he is not as guarded as Pipe, who to frank, gives interviews without saying anything meaningful.  Maybe saving it for the pipeline I suppose


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    Congratulations to Paul Nicholls for a wonderful season but dont you find him humourless.<br>Then I thought back to wonderful trainers of the past and all of them almost without exception had a miserable public face.<br>Fulke Walwyn, Fred Rimell, Ryan Price, Fred Winter.<br>In order to be a chamion trainer it seems you have to be a bit of a miserble old sod.

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