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    A small group of friends and I usually visit Chester, annually, choosing the Friday meeting of their Summer Festival.
    This year it is 21 August 2009.
    Overall we used to find the charge of £17.00 for the Tattersalls a bit steep, as generally the facilities consisted of a shed with a bar, and of course it would be very crowded. Compared to the majority of courses’ Tatersalls facilities, it was shocking, but we enjoy the races, and the city for "apre-race"
    This year, remember we are talking about a Friday, the Tattersall charges is £26.00… :evil:

    How on earth can they justify that!!! :shock:

    The Club is £32, and the "Dee Area" is £11.00 (God knows what facilities are in there, none I expect!).

    Whilst the majority of industries including the entertainment sector are reacting to the current economic climate and adjusting their price structure etc., The Racing Industry seems intent on destroying itself from within!!!
    There is just no valid reason why a Tatts. Friday ticket should cost £26.00?????

    I will be writing for an explanation and reconsider our attendance. Usually about eight of us attend, and by no means are we skint, but to lay out £208 just to get thru the door completely goes against our principals and conscience. Never mind that the facilities are cramped, poor and extremely bad viewing…

    When oh when will Racing wake up and just acknowledge there is a real world out there and stop living in their 17th Century Cavalry Mess. :(



    % MAN
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    Chester are by far the most expensive of courses (excluding the big festivals of course) and I have always maintained they are grossly overpriced – especially in the County Stand.

    However virtually every meeting is sold out in advance – so that will be their justification for the prices they charge. Plus they have the temerity to charge between £7 – £10 for parking.

    It is a classic case of "supply and demand"

    the only way they will reduce prices is if people vote with their feet.

    Grey Desire
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    Surely a close second to Haydock,which like Chester gets the crowds despite the extortionate prices to watch some pretty mundane racing.

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    Agree with all the above criticisms. What’s more, the viewing from all enclosures has got progressively worse in recent years (unless you’re in a private box), which takes some doing considering it’s a small, natural amphitheatre-type track, So much is now cluttered in the centre of the course (corporate tents, assorted buildings etc.), that anyone not in a box should be provided with a free periscope.
    And yet – the meetings are a sell out; Chester is quite a prosperous area and a magnet for stag and hen dos: the races is the place for posers and drunkards to be seen.
    Oh for a quite Monday at a less popular track, away from the boozy hordes.

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    Aside from corporates and the filthy rich, the course just wants as many fake-tanned scouse slappers and their chav boyfriends through the gates as they can get. Wouldn’t go near the place these days – although I’m sure that’s of no great concern to those in charge.

    Neil Watson
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    The best Chester Saturday meeting is the one in September on Leger day, I went a few years ago and the crowd was about 13,000 which was a lot but not as busy as the summer meetings plus Liverpool playing Everton was a bonus.

    I went last month and while it was ok it could have been better, Heathcotes do the catering and charge a fortune as they are huge rip off merchants, When they did the Orrell Rugby Club food a few years ago they wanted to charge £9.95 for Bangers and Mash, And because of them Bangor on Dee does not have the Prawn Curry Stall anymore which is really annoying.

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    Agree with Paulostermeyer…its just demand and supply. There is no incentive for Chester to drop prices when crowds remain so good. I agree the cost is high at £26 but you either take it or leave it. And there are plenty other courses where you can get in for a more reasonable price and still get a good night out in town afterwards, if thats your want.

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    Miserable thread.

    It is a Festival, after all, and not just a meeting.

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    Hi Gus, I think the term "Festival" is banded about a bit too much…what I believe as a Festival?…Well, the Friday meeting comes no where near it!!!
    They will have a Face Painter, a short man on stilts and the dreaded mime artiste somewhere in the middle..oh, and maybe people with funny hats…a Festival My Ar*e!!!! :D



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    My tongue was in my cheek, doyley.

    You’re preaching to the converted as far as I’m concerned.

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    Miserable course, full of detestable and pretentious people 99% of the time IMO.

    Raise the admission, that’s what I say. Drug dealers and gangsters aren’t short of a few quid are they?

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    The place is a bull ring compared too the wide open spaces of York. have been once, not that impressed with it.

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    I went to Chester once before, my other half backed 5 winners , it would have been 6 winners but i put the money on the wrong horse , by mistake of course :wink: . Went in to the main part of town after racing had a nice meal ( MADE HER PAY AFTER ALL THOSE WINNERS, IT WAS ONLY RIGHT OF COURSE)had a stroll afterwards, never seen so many drunks in all my life, hic hic.

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    If you were to go on 21st. August you wouldn’ t even be getting six races
    to watch as the sixth and final race is an Amateur Riders’ Race . I think
    any such race should be the seventh race at any racecourse .

    According to the Chester Racecourse website :

    Summer Festival
    Home | Racing | Fixtures | Summer Festival

    Date: 21/08/2009

    The thrill of racing, the glamorous people and the sparkle of champagne all combine to create a great atmosphere on the first day of Chester’s Summer Festival.

    You can watch for free from the City Walls. Except for the finishes you
    see more of the races.

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