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    Hey to this so be gentle..just a general opinon will it be Jamie Spencer or Seb Sanders for Champion jockey..i work as a betting shop manager and follow Jamie religiously but he aint a great favourite with the punters.

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    early doors but seb has the nice lead and as long as his agent does the business and he stays clear of injury or any big bans, it’s his to lose – most punters i know would rather see him win it too …

    Irish Stamp
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    Nobby – you’ll be skint before you know it (that or bald) following Jammie Spanner.  He rides some right shockers – mixed in with some very good rides it must be said :)

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    Welcome to the forum, Nobby.

    Jamie?…………well you either love him or hate him, undoubtedly a very talented rider but is prone to the odd mistake. And the way he is clocking up suspensions will count against his chances.

    Seb, probably not as talented but to my eye less likely to make an error of judgement.

    ‘Smiling Ryan’ could yet make a challenge.


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    Seb seems to be on a determined roll at the moment so I’d go with him.

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    I’m not a huge JS fan it must be said, however I’m not as anti-spencer as some of you appear to be on here. I reckon, rightly or wrongly, he is more in demand by the top stables and if he keeps control on suspensions he could reel sanders in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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