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    Talking to a horse racing enthusiast over a beer or two he told me of a racing system he uses. I have followed it since 19th August producing 334 runners with 120 winners and it has made 122pts lsp profit to Betfair SP. Just thought I would keep a track of them here for anyone interested.

    I will post each days selections between 11pm and midnight the day before racing.

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    Thought i would add this as well for anyone interested in place only betting.

    334 selecions
    223 placed
    66.77% strike rate

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    Look forward to it , thanks and good luck :)

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    Thanks Sean. I did them early today.

    Monday 14th November 2011. Calculate results to Betfair SP

    1.00 Plumpton Hudibras
    3.00 Plumpton Just Beware
    3.10 Wolverhampton Castlemorris King
    3.20 Leicester Golden Future
    3.40 Wolverhampton Final Delivery
    4.10 Wolverhampton Strikemaster

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    A very good strike rate indeed


    we shall all be wanting to know where you drink so that we can also meet the "enthusiast" and send the shares in the brewery sky-rocketing.

    :lol: :lol: :roll: :wink:

    Billy's Outback Shack

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    What a start … NOT

    Unusual to get one horse at odds over 10.0 never mind two on one day. :(

    1.00 Plumpton Hudibras 14.50 2.19 unpl
    3.00 Plumpton Just Beware 38.00

    3.10 Wolverhampton Castlemorris King 4.71 1.79 unpl
    3.20 Leicester Golden Future 4.91 1.82 unpl
    3.40 Wolverhampton Final Delivery 3.65

    4.10 Wolverhampton Strikemaster 6.60 2.02 unpl

    winners 0-6
    placed 2-6

    Win -6
    Place +0.44

    Tuesday 15th November 2011

    1.00 Folkestone High Samana
    1.40 Fakenham Bay Central
    2.10 Fakenham Hope Point

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