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    after the going ons of the last few days shouldnt betfair ban these bot programs i dont use betfair i sound naive here but i always thought it was a person matched up to another taking the bet not a computer i dont even bet on a exchange but after hearing all this i would be very dubious to do it in the furture i will stick to traditional bookies one more thing matt chapman on atr fair play for giving that man from betfair a hard time

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    When I saw the title of this thread was "bots", I eagerly opened it up to see whether there would be any appreciative comments about Emma Spencer’s bot, or failing that any mention of other notable bots such as those of Hayley Turner, Alex Hammond or even Alice Plunkett.
    Sadly, it was not to be. It’s been baffling me for a while why the users online of this forum often include Google

    and other bots. The use of the word bot on this thread finally inspired me to Google the phrase Google Bot.
    I had never heard of this type of bot before and finally solved the mystery by discovering that a bot is a search programme that gathers information from websites before processing them for search engines. Not a single cheeky picture of any other bots.
    No wonder there were never any posts on this forum from Google

    and the other botties. You live and learn.
    I bet Alex Hammond’s bot is far peachier than Google’s though. And as for Rachel Casey…..

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    Cliffo no way will they ban them. For one they are very very fast and make it a much more level playing field, even for people using them from abroad like I do. Must use their own server but don’t take my word on that. All I know is you don’t get the lag you get when you are on Betfair’s own site.

    It’s the nearest thing to madness backing horses with a bookmaker these days especially if you are betting win single. Almost every horse that runs can be backed at better odds with the likes of Betfair and Betdaq. They do take a commission of between 2% and 5% but virtually no one pays the higher rate and you’ll still be quids in. For Example Celestial Halo I saw being matched as high as 17 today against 12/1. Big outsider you might find at 66/1 can be 2-300/1 on Betfair even bigger.

    As far as using a bot goes it’s as simple as you want it to be. Some guys trade some just use it to place win bets.

    The biggest advantage is the speed and the ability to save your backside. I backed a horse today for a couple of hundred quid. He was going well but suddenly he came under pressure quite some way from home. If I had backed him with Laddies I can hardly say stop the race I want my money back but because I do have a choice on the exchanges. As it turned out the horse got stuffed but I had laid him intime and actually won 2.45p. The 2.45 is meaningless but the few hundred quid I saved certainly isn’t.

    I’d try The Geek Toy if I was you.. It’s

    completely free

    and you can run it in training mode and play for fun money. Once you get used to it you can then open a Betfair account and use it for real. The Geek as he is known is also working on a Betdaq version a few of his menber are currently trying out or are about to.

    Good luck and get up with the times. There ain’t nothing scary about a bot and if you are worried about making an error you can always ask to limit your losses to a number of your choice.

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    thanks hurdy i know i am well behind the times i am going to have a look at that systerm you just said and actually have a go it is as most things if you never try you never learn as most of my bets are win singles i only ever back eachway if the horse is over 20/1 that horse by the way wasnt way up in the air the 3.40 punchestown it was cantering but he give nina carberry 2 much start anyway hurdy thanks and have a good new year!

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    I read about this trouble with Betfair, and can quite easily believe it’s feasible.

    I do occasionally bet with Betfair, but prefer tradional Bookmakers (if I’m totally honest).

    Some year’s ago I was contacted (online) by somebody who wrote a bot program for Betfair. He showed how to make money with his bot program which put the bet on with just one


    click instead of a few.

    I did try it out, but didn’t feel in control of my bets in particular the laying in running aspect.

    If a glitch has arise in a similar program then is it fair to allow a customer with a £1000 bank to pay millions.

    Would any of you pay up if you were that customer?

    grey dolphin
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    For more fancied horses I’m not convinced the value that was in Betfair a few years ago is still there and with the advent of best price guaranteed concessions I have found myself putting much of my business back to conventional bookmakers.

    I do bet ew a fair bit and in my view the betfair place markets are rubbish.

    Where betfair does score is on less fancied horses, ante-post and betting in-running, but as HGM implies I think you need to get around the delays to do well at the latter.

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    No denying betting in running can be dangerous as you never know the length of delay you personally are working with.

    I like to listen to Timeform Radio and sometimes when I am watching the race Instead of muting the sound I listen to their commentary and mute the sound from the video feed. The difference in time can be 1 second up to the race being finished and on there commentry their coming to the 2nd last.

    Very occasionally the video feed is slower and you know the result via Timeform Radio but you are still watching the race.

    Being aware of the delay can affect your confidence when you see a horse you think is travelling like the winner but the price looks way too big. You assume something must have happened that you haven’t seen or heard yet so you let it pass.

    Occasionally you wish you never had a bot. I actually backed a horse at 260 because the race was so bad anything could have won and I knew the yard pretty much try with everything. He was going really well and the price took a nosdive but then drifted out for a few seconds so I greened up (laid it at a guaranteed profit whether the horse wins or loses). This you can do in an instance with a bot and you don’t really have time to look before confirming what price you got because prices are changing so fast and hesitate and you end up missing the boat. Anyway I looked to the bot and I had greened up for about 12.50p profit and thought fair enough. Then looking back at the video feed the horse had nosedived again and ended up in a fav in a photo and won :cry: Only cost me 2k plus :mrgreen:

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