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BHA: A Regulatory Revolution?

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    From the Racing Post today:

    "British racecourses are set for a regulatory revolution as part of a wide-ranging review implemented by new BHA chief executive Paul Bittar.

    The introduction of a central panel of racing officials based at the BHA’s High Holborn offices in London and greater use of technology for crucial decisions are among the likely outcomes of an imminent root-and-branch review overseen by Bittar’s fellow Australian Jamie Stier, the BHA’s director of raceday operations and regulation.

    The most significant outcome of Stier’s investigation is likely to be a change in the role of racecourse officials, with certain functions performed by stewards and judges possibly being moved away from the track to a central panel."

    Perhaps they have been reading TRF from February?

    10 Feb 2012, 10:23
    Racecourses and the BHA need stewards at the course to make decisions about a list of various things that happen on the day. Decisions about race interference and jockeys’ race behaviour and the consequent penalties could be excluded from that list.

    With digital video and video conferencing such well-established technologies, why cannot consistency be achieved by having all race incidents examined by a much smaller group of inquisitors/judges based away from the course? It seems that race enquiries consist of all parties watching the video replays, asking and answering questions, and giving verbal opinions about the effect of actions taken in the race. They do not all need to be in the same room to do that. A smaller group of BHA race stewards would become more expert by watching more incidents in more races, listening to more jockeys’ and trainers’ points of view, and would apply more consistent decisions and penalties. Each race steward group could handle probably three meetings at a time, so on bank holidays the BHA would need four "virtual" stewards rooms in an office block somewhere in Manchester!

    I know that the BHA shy away from new technologies (weighing horses has been available since the seventeenth century for goodness sake), and I know that sectional timing seems to them like something from a Star Wars film, but if the betting industry can become all high-tech, why cannot the BHA?

    Will the traditional, amateur, British way move over to accommodate the modern, professional Australian methods? I hope so.

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    A qualified and probably premature Hoorah! is in order

    As several others, too, have mentioned here on TRF, Professional Stewarding – if that is what is being mooted – of the new ‘discretionary’ whip rules whilst not perhaps being a marriage made in heaven would most certainly be a partnership less hellish than the current arrangement

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