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    Since making money from betting is one of the main interests / ambitions of most of us, and losing money, particularly by theft would not be looked upon very favourably, I thought this would be more appropriately posted to this folder than to the Lounge.

    Beware McAfee! The other day I discovered that £39.99 had been withdrawn from one of my bank accounts by McAfee (Digital River) for anti-virus software I’d purchased several years ago.

    However, I have bank statements proving that I had not renewed my registration tacitly or expressly in previous years, and that this withdrawal was the result of a unilateral decison on  their part to renew my registration annually by tacit approval!

    After a great deal of difficulty I managed to speak to someone on the phone, who told me I should speak to their American branch.

    I only managed to find a number for their commercial customers, but the man I spoke to didn’t seem able to understand English, although he insisted it was his first language.  

    Here is a blog with posts from a few people who’ve suffered similarly at their rapacious mitts:

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    So… I wrote an e-mail to their US Customer Service(!), castigating them for their criminal practices and asking for an immediate refund, failing which I’d make their name mud as far and wide as I possibly could. Or to put it another way, the name "mud" would be McAfee.  

    I wasn’t too surprised not to hear from them, since the criminality had to originate at a high level, and big companies wouldn’t take kindly to dogsbodies  threatening them.

    So…., it only remains for me now to continue to apprise the public of McAfee’s criminal conduct, while in the meantime applying for a fraud-statement form my bank.

    I’ve started a thread on Guardian Talk, which may take a while to elicit any interest, but think it should remain in public view longer than if it were midway down a thread.

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    with AVS such as AVG-Free out there, there is no need to pay McAffee, Symantec, Sophos or any of them – AVG is more than adequate and completely free, chuck on SpywareBlaster and SpyBot – both also free and keep you security settings and windows up to date and leave the ‘art’ websites alone and you will be fine

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    Thanks, Simon, but that’s what makes it particularly maddening. I’ve been using free Blueyonder/Virgin security software for years now.

    Though I would like to buy a Registry Cleaner and some of them seem to be crooks too. When I was browsing through some of their sites, some of them tried to stop me exiting by the normal means, and I had to Restart to get out of tehri screen.

    Such cretins! It just puts your back up and makes you determined never to buy a product from them.

    dave jay
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    You should contact your bank Grimes and then the police. I have Mcaffee but I will be cancelling my monthly subscription to them. Their new security centre, uses far too much resource.

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    I think time will show the internet to be one of man’s greatest benefits: the great library of Alexandria at one’s fingertips.

    It will also be an open window into our lives and bank accounts for the world’s criminals. The greatest threat to civilised society since the Vandals swept across the Roman Empire.

    What we are starting to see is a proliferation of rip-offs and criminality on the web. If the gatekeepers such as Mcaffee are pulling strokes, we are indeed in the hands of the Philistines.

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    Eusing Free Registry Cleaner will do the job.

    <br>Regards –  Matron<br>:cool:

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