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Betting In Running

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    Does Anybody agree Iain Mackenzie is the best In running commentator as far as the jumps go?

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    I always found GG to be the most profitable caller for my in-running betting.

    It’s not often you get the chance to lay horses that are completely out of contention at odds-on, but the great man provided opportunities.

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    I’m sure Iain Mackenzie’s style owes much to his grounding in point-to-point commentaries. When viewing isn’t good he has to call as much detail as he can for each of the runners. This technique definitiely comes to fore at Cartmel where viewers have trees, mounds, funfairs, gazebos et al to deal with.


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    That has a lot to do with it, Rob, aye. I always think Iain’s particularly effective around God’s Own Cartmel compared to anyone else for the reasons stated – as well as demonstrably happy, as he loves the place.

    Moreover, Point-to-Point race-readers, commentators, etc. are more in the habit of running through entire fields as a matter of course – indeed, race-readers absolutely have to, in order to be able to account for the fate of eveything in the

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    Iain and Martin’s default setting is to call most, and preferably all, finishers over the line. It’s what they’re used to doing (in either a race-reading or commentary capacity). It’s what the Pointing crowd prefers. It’s what I prefer as well, come to that.


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