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    Eclipse First
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    Surely that is the art of gambling? Never second guess yourself.

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    To be honest with him being a horse who almost always hits the front and tries to stretch them plus the race looked nothing special I thought I’d back to lay. Never expected him to win so I was looking at the race negatively and not what was actually happening so I just thought "click". Actually I think my finger was nervous and he beat me too it :mrgreen:

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    Currently our site is unavailable. Friday 13th :oops:

    The lay value was the largest number allowed by a 32 bit signed integer. If this value was then multiplied be the odds, the overflow number is £-0.28.

    One line of code would have prevented this bet thro’.

    Something like :

    if ( onerror, goto "reject", goto "betaok" ) … ts/974689/

    ricky lakericky lake
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    Kingy , my fav poster (next to the genius that is Gamble of course )

    Just to clear up some house keeping

    I have a goodish bot and have been following the recing to see what the delay actually is , by this I mean the nmber of seconds lapsed before a race starts on the telly , the seconds will be already clicking along on my friendly bot …

    The results are as follows

    ATR UK racing 5 seconds

    ATR Dundalk 1 sec

    Ruk 1 second all races

    channel 4 varies , but largely 2 seconds

    Dundalk is an interesting one , bt its good all the same

    Happy Punting


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    Thanks for your endorsement Ricky.
    Gord is in another parish to him
    and puts up real selections
    and has a zest long gone in the
    ol’ mac – gamble merely shuffles
    spirits and stirs discontent
    as he prepares himself for his box.

    I did not realise you had a bot !
    and gamble probably ought get one
    to play for him in absentia
    Oh stars of fortune
    – such a goddamned strange
    year on the machine it has been
    with many months of absinthe.

    Duncoln Disorderli one of the old
    blue fishermen has a keen eye
    for in running and uses old charts
    and a timed cut off point for each distance
    never daring to fish inshore.
    I believe he rarely gets mugged
    apart from a premium big white
    which stalks his little boat continuously

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    looks like someone is planning to take on Betfair, see

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    IBAS have already ruled in favour of Betfair in this case so I don’t know what the next step is.

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    Only a complete moron would even suggest taking on Betfair over this. No one in their right mind would expect to be paid when they were clearly got at.

    That claim is nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt and you can bet whoever is behind it is doing it for purely selfish reasons.

    They are simply out to use people stupid enough to listen knowing well fine they can’t possibly win.

    It stinks of the age old story if you want to be successful be controversial.

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    My first thoughts were phishing then a scam – there will be some punters gullible enough to see a website that appears serious and well put together and will willingly pay money to someone to lead a case to get them ‘their money’.

    That’s gambling, surely if you have an ‘interest’ in voided bets at tasty prices you could just wait and see, if ‘they’ win the case, you should get weighed as well.

    Ah, but of course, more chance of success if you all donate.

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    if the VLV backers have a case on legal grounds, very unlikely that Betfair would go to court and presumably would offer an out of court settlement conditional on non-disclosure agreement.

    So those not joining in looking for a "free ride" on expectation of a court decision would probably miss out…. if the group has a case

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