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    Matt Williams did an article for the Racing Post in 2004 where he went through what tactics on betfair worked for him and the ones that don’t.<br>The article is still on the betfair website.<br>Look for forum then press then ‘Betfair the exchange of preference.’

    The best advice and one that still works to this day concerns failing to get matched up in running.

    Have you ever thought the reason you failed to get a price on offer ‘in running’ is because someone has a faster pc connection than you and that is why by the time you have clicked the mouse to back it the price has gone?

    You may think that one horse in getting into a good position in a race and will be involved in the finish but the 20/1 on offer by the layers has all gone by the time you click the mouse. <br>The best advice is to offer evens and by the very nature of the way the exchange works the best value from the layers is matched up with the worst from the backers.<br>So although you only requested evens the bet is matched up by the best value the instant you click the mouse. <br>This is by and far the best advice and it still works today.

    On the negative side laying just one horse per race will in the end always cost money. <br>This is just down to the mathematics and the value one must give.

    Get clued up with the form and the colours. <br>Its easy to say but many horses run off the pace and many will force the pace so by looking at those that are out in front but may not stay and also looking for the ones out the back waiting for the race to unfold is good advice but there are two with what look like very similair colours so is the one you fancy got the yellow hat or the black hat? <br>What I do and this works for me at least is to firmly highlight the horses I am interested in from my Racing Post. <br>You bet your life that at least a few others that you may be betting against will know exactly what colours the jockey is wearing so get on equal terms!

    Matt did not mention this but by knowing tracks such as Newton Abbot for example are known as tracks where most of the winners race up with the pace. <br>One can usually dismiss (lay) horses over 6 lenghts down on the final bend. Whereas at tracks like Cartmel the majority of races unfold after the last obstacle.

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