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    following this weeks news that haydock is downgrading its lovely jumps course by using portable fences, it surely will be a joke if they continue to stage this grade one chase.<br>imagine seeing the top staying chasers stepping over these fences?<br>i would like to see it run at either ascot or wetherby.<br>any thoughts?

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    I’d like to see it ran at aintree

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    Could be mistaken runandskip but I think some of the fences are portable at Ascot :( <br>Would agree with Danny and Aintree.

    dave 22
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    i think it should go to Wetherby. keep it in the north, we have the other big chases down south!

    Irish Stamp
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    Nothing wrong with it being at Haydock, it’s already part of a two day meeting and if it were to go anywhere else it would have to be Aintree.

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    I doubt it’ll go anywhere but if it did then Wetherby , being similar in character to Haydock would be my choice. They’ve lost the Castleford Chase so it would be a handy replacement for that.

    There’s extensive alterations underway to realign the ‘A1’ bend and the straight, which will be completed during the close season so quite how that will affect the conformation I don’t know. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the big open ditch emasculated along with its brethren in the straight.

    The Judge
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    The heart says Wetherby, the head partly says Aintree, for the reasons described above. I think it will stay at Haydock for the present.

    I wonder what role jumping will play at the new Doncaster- now there’s a circuit that should own an Order of Merit race or two…

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    <br>I’ve been to this meet for the last 2 years and really enjoyed it but as a NH follower, this week’s announcement was very disappointing. Keep it at Haydock for now I say.

    I would love to see the best staying chasers run round Sandown but Tingle Creek day would be the only meeting available to stage the race and that’s too close to the King George.

    We need more quality jumps meets up here in the north that is for sure. Some people seem envious of us up in North Yorks because we have so many tracks but 95% of the racing is absolute dross. We have York and a couple of decent days at Wetherby, that’s all.

    If the Redcar supercourse comes off, I want jumping to be involved:biggrin:

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    I live near Blackpool and the only course within a 2 hour drive is Haydock – hence my derision at them turning it into a P-T-P track with big stands.

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    Quote: from bear on 11:13 pm on Feb. 28, 2007[br]PAULCS,

    I live near Blackpool and the only course within a 2 hour drive is Haydock

    <br>Isn’t Cartmel within that orbit?

    Just imagine a Grade 1 chase being staged there. Ruby could get knocked clean out of the plate on Kauto Star by a low-flying marquee, whilst the inevitable Pritchard runner would run the very real risk of being lapped.

    Doncaster would rate a good shout for me as replacement venue, although in the back of my mind I have the fear that the drainage there can be a bit over-keen and make the ground a bit too fast in a dry spell. I may be a tad wide of the mark there, though. It’s been a while.

    I can’t see the Betfair Chase going anywhere else for as long as Haydock and Aintree wish to bill the two days’ racing as the North West Masters, though.

    Another thought: whilst the revised course is clearly something few people on this thread want (myself included), it’s probably only going to ride as sharp as the Mildmay Course at Aintree, so having a race of that magnitude run over such a track may only rate as good or bad an idea as having the Martell Cup at the latter venue.

    Yeats – I also think one or two of the Ascot fences are portables. I’d imagine the plain one that replaced the water jump at Swinley Bottom almost certainly is.


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    I have to hold my hands up here and admit that I didn’t know that Punchestown used portable fences.

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    Wetherby is a fine jumping track and would deserve a race of this stature. Once theyve done something about the grandstand that is….

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    Wetherby is a nice setting but there’s something not quite right about running the Lancashire chase in West Yorkshire…

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    Yes Grayson, Ascot looks to have several portables now – I despair!

    Aintree looks the sensible option for the Lancashire chase.

    Do you think they’re working on a portable Bechers?

    Irish Stamp
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    Sounds good Grayson, maybe my 200/1 on Lago D’Oro will come up one day then :biggrin:

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