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    eddie case
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    Their reasoning is this:

    "Given the combination of varying picture delays to which many customers are now subject and the particular sensitive nature of in-running racing, as of today’s date we will no longer offer racing in-running. We may review this if circumstances change".

    However this only applies to greyhound racing. How can the same reasoning not be applied to horse racing with much more money involved and even hurdles and fences to jump?

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    Either –

    Someone’s been ‘at it’.

    Or maybe precisely


    of the weight of money you refer to Eddie.

    Excellent question though.

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    I suppose the only justification for this rule applying to greyhound racing rather than horseracing would be the relatively short duration of greyhound races where a time delay of a few seconds could make an enormous difference.

    Having said that, I would personally be in favour of abandoning ‘in-running’ betting altogether.

    ricky lake
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    agree Tuffers , is not a level playing field , those guys on track paying 60 per cent premium , with real time pictures , hold all the aces …the stay at home punter is being fleeced full stop (imo)

    Racing still has a lot of losing victims


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    I nearly fell through the floor when I read Eddies Thread title,geezus wept,thank goodness its only Greyhounds,I Play/Lay daily,just to rustle up a ton! True though what you say Ricky about the On-Course players,I’ve been in there watching them,different league to me I’m afraid,Its like buying money though when you have plenty to speculate with.These guys will lay something at 5/1 for a Monkey whereas I’m trying to lay something at Evs or less for £50,I dodge away though! 8)

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    Generally in National Hunt racing, more money staked In Running than pre race. Would you want to give up that commission?

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    They never have offered "in running" on greyhounds.

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