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    — Posted by Zoz on 11:26 pm on Mar. 22, 2001 <br>Hi Barry, thanks for your time with this

    My question is: what do you think your most regretful career move has been, and also what has been your best, and of course, why?

    Suppose you could argue thats three questions in one but hey…


    Hi Zoz, I have made plenty of wrong moves in my life, but my main ability is to put it behind me, accept the mistake and get on with the first day of my life. My most successful moves has been to campain for pitch reform, i.e., buying and selling of pitches particularly, this resulted in me borrowing £250,000.00 from my friend David Johnson and improving to the front rows in fifteen pitches, enabling me to at least treble my turn over. <br>Good Luck <br>Barry.

    <br>— Posted by Nailed On on 12:50 am on Mar. 23, 2001 <br>Hi barry

    i had a £300 winning bet on Darter(7/4) a few years ago with you at leafy lingfield in the were the first board up with many times is your tissue right and if youve made a rick how much would you stand it for to the first punter.

    thanks for your time

    Nailed On

    Watcha Nailed On<br>In the old days in back rows, I had to put up early odds to attract punters. If I had made a rick and I was holding enough dough, I would try and lay it again at shorter odds and then stand it again for £1000.00.<br>Obviously my tissue has been more right than wrong or I would have gone under like the rest.<br>Stay lucky.<br>Barry Dennis

    <br>— Posted by SIR TRISTRAM on 1:22 am on Mar. 23, 2001 <br>Hello Barry, What do you look for in the bismarks or what is the swaying vote when picking it on saturdays. Your success rate is amazing. Please dont say the answer i think you will about poor value, im thinking youve got some other little techniques.

    Good morning Sir.<br>Poor value, seriously, probably the best part of fifty years in the game gives me gut feelings, but horses carrying penalties in handicaps, horeses trained by top trainers i.e. Cecil, Pipe, Godolphin, horses that were very unlucky last time out, horses that have been gambled heavily on all week and are now POOR VALUE are the ones that are most attractive for me to stand.

    <br>— Posted by LRM on 7:34 pm on Mar. 24, 2001 <br>Hi Barry

    Do women punters really annoy you, as you sometimes claim, or is it just a front?

    Hi LRM<br>Its just a front, the media picked up on a remark I made about ten years ago at Royal Ascot, saying "I need to ban women, there pound each ways clogg up the machinery", but you know the media they picked up on it and it stuck there after.<br>If you are a lady LRM? luv and kisses Barry Dennis xx

    <br>— Posted by ALI on 7:13 pm on Mar. 25, 2001 <br>1) From 1st of January to 31st of December what meeting do you most look forward to working at. I’ll take a guess and say its the Cheltenham festival.

    2) From the 1st of January to the 31st of December what race do you most look forward to laying bets on.

    Hi Ali, at the moment I do not have a pitch at the Cheltenham Festival perhaps next year! <br>My favourite meeting is Newmarket Roley Mile, at betting on the Guineas, Cambridgeshire, Champion Stakes and Cesarewitch. <br>Cheers Barry Dennis

    <br>— Posted by SIR TRISTRAM on 8:36 pm on Mar. 25, 2001 <br>Are your ambitions to eventually move into the retail side of things to challenge the corals/lads/hills shops or will you forever be a part of the Lingfield ring with a leeky umbrella on cold winter saturdays?

    Good morning Sir again, my own ambition is for a leeky umbrella at Lingfied, however recent success has forced my yuppie 36 year old son Patrick to join me, I believe he has bigger ambitions. <br>Watch this space. <br>Barry Dennis.

    <br>— Posted by Cara on 8:57 pm on Mar. 25, 2001 <br>hiya barry! <br>hows life treating ya? do you really hate women as much? or is it just the fact that we can actually get money off you! <br>does it take long for you to choose your bismark every week? and do you have a favourite racing programme and racing paper?

    Hiya Cara I love all women and they dont win off me your right, but do annoy me if they laugh and giggle at the end of every sentance. <br>It normally takes about one hour to choose my Bismark if I have not previously ear marked a particular horse. <br>My favourite racing programme, obviously Channel 4, I have no real favourite racing paper as most journalist speak with forked tounge. <br>Lots of love Barry Dennis XXXXX

    <br>— Posted by ZZASS on 9:14 pm on Mar. 25, 2001 <br>Barry Hi <br>When making your book on a race what do you use as an index to get your prices ?? i.e thes guide of the racing post or do you rate each horse yourself and put up a price accordingly as most of the bookie’s use the racing post for there prices as you seem to mark them up first . <br>1 last question have you upset anybody with your "bismark" ie-trainer/jocky/owner???? <br>Can’t you take anymore money of Big Mac as he loves taking money of you or maybe his HAT to see what his hair is like

    ZZASS <br>I used to mark up first in the back row, nowadays in the front row I am always betting on other meetings away as well, therefore, other Bookmakers have priced up five minutes before me.<br>Have i upset anyone with my Bismarck, Frankie and I joke about not Bismarcking his horses, I did upset an owner at Sandown last year when I nominated his 11/10 fav to get beat and it pulled up with one mile to go, he recently came and apologised, subsequently finding the horse had a wind problem. A trainer has questioned the Bismarcks, when he has laid a costly horse out for a race, told the owner "todays the day" if it then gets beaten easily the owner challenges the trainer, what did I know more than him. I can assure everyone, the answer is nothing.<br>Regards Barry.

    <br>— Posted by Matron on 9:07 am on Mar. 26, 2001 <br>Hello Barry,

    I know you are keen cricket fan, so do you ever a have a bet on a outcome of a match or do you prefer just to watch.

    Regards – Matron

    Hello Matron (love nurses!), I always have a bet on cricket, I always back England or oppose the opposition and I am having a great year punting.<br>Best wishes Barry Dennis.

    <br>— Posted by mikem on 3:34 pm on Mar. 26, 2001 <br>Barry

    What effect do you think the abolition of betting duty will have on you?

    Your tax free status currently, I would imagine, drives a fair amount of business your way but when this advantage is lost and when digital/interactive television improves the service to punters by a)showing more meetings and b) allows viewers to select their own pictures and camera angles, how would you see yourself making up this shortfall?

    Punters who continue to go racing will also be presented with new viable opportunities to bet e.g. before attending the meeting they will be able to visit their local High Street chain and bet tax free or contact a UK based bookmaker by mobile telephone/WAP device etc from the bar of the race course.

    These bookmakers, of course, have not paid 5 and in some cases 6 figures for a pitch, and do not have to factor this into their odds.

    Also on course betting shops currently make 6% deductions and return 8%-12% of turnover to the racecourse. Given that they will (probably) abolish the 6% deduction, doesn’t the racecourse have a vested interest in promoting their sevice above yours?

    I also see person to person betting further reducing either on course bookmakers margins or their turnover.

    What do you think, Barry?

    Hello Mikem. <br>Thanks for the doom and gloom, I agree all these changes can not apparently have any benefit to on course Bookmakers, but I remember fifteen years ago when SIS was introduced to betting shops, we have survived that!. Take every day as it comes, improvise and move on. As far as on course betting shops are concerned as long as they have got the bottle to stand horses for thousands of pounds (which they normally have not) that will be the test. <br>Barry Dennis

    <br>— Posted by paul101 on 9:38 pm on Mar. 26, 2001 <br>hi Barry, in what type of race does the punter find the hardest to master eg, seller ect.

    Hi Paul, as the big three are always keen to offer early morning prices on the biggest handicaps of the day, it stands to reason that these are the toughest races to pick the winners.<br>Regards Barry Dennis

    <br>— Posted by Keith the teeth on 10:45 am on Mar. 27, 2001 <br>Hello Barry

    The popular perception of a bookmaker is that they always win in the long run. I don’t think this is true. Have you ever been close to going bust due to a bad run of results. Also what percentage profit on turnover (before expenses and tax) would an oncourse bookmaker expect to make ? And no I’m not the Inland Revenue. <br>Finally, I think it is easier now then it has ever been for the punter to make a profit, with this in mind have you ever been tempted to cross over to the other side and become a propunter ?

    Hello Keith the teeth ( I wont ask) <br>I always win in the long run, but in 1992 I nearly went under and had to second mortgage my house, in 1996 another loosing year for me I had to cash in all my pension policys to survive, but that was from back rows. It has been fairly plain sailing in recent years. <br>Profit percentage depends on volume of turnover, front rows turning over £500.00 per race could possibly expect 8%g.p. but back rows perhaps only 5%g.p. . As turnover increases, percentages fall. My own current g.p. is 3.3%. <br>No I could never be a pro punter, I have not got the balls to back horses. <br>Regards Barry Dennis.

    <br>— Posted by Nev on 12:45 pm on Mar. 27, 2001 <br>Hiya Barry, thanks for your time. <br>Q… Do you have any plans to start taking bets online ? <br>Q… Whats the one piece of advice you could give to any punter looking to make a living from betting.. <br>thanks again, <br>Nev.

    Hi Nev, <br>A….. I was the first bookmaker to advertise race by race prices at Lingfield all weather five years ago on the Internet. at that time there was no great response and I really do not see a future for On Line betting because it is not fast enough. <br>A….You must be very very patient and never chase your losses. <br>Regards Barry Dennis

    <br>— Posted by SIR TRISTRAM on 1:18 pm on Mar. 27, 2001 <br>Do you own any horses in racing yourself? cheers Barry.

    Good morning Sir again again <br>A big punter told me many years ago "let the mugs purchase and pay for the keep of horses and leave the backing of them to the punters you are quids in to start with" I agree. <br>Cheers Barry

    <br>— Posted by steffen on 7:10 pm on Mar. 27, 2001 <br>Hello Barry somewhat like yourself I pick my own Bismarks and try to lay them on the PTP sites I have been fairly successful up till know [ laid Best of the Bests 9/4 on Sat ] I usually look for a horse priced between evens and 3/1 trained and ridden by a well known trainer and jockey .The new craze on these sites is to lay a horse to be in the first two I am interested in this but I am not quiet sure how to work out the price can you give me any advice All The Best Stevie

    Hello Steffen (Stevie) <br>Impossible to answer without knowing how many runners in the race, obviously harder to pick horse out of first two in a five runner race and a thirty runner race, even so, the task is twice as difficult, I will put it in to "too hard" basket. <br>All the best Barry

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    I would like to thank Barry Dennis for how much time he has clearly spent answering your questions and for his percieverience in getting these answers to me as we had extreme trouble with data transfer.

    Also a big thank you to Trigger who set this all up!

    Appoligises to anyone who posted their question between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening as they may have been lost due to a server malfuncution on my ISP.

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    Very interesting reading.

    Thanks to Barry, Daylight & Trigger and all of you who asked questions.

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    Brilliant stuff again – many thanks to Daylight Trigger and of course Barry Dennis for what looks like a huge amount of time and effort.

    :buddy: Well done guys!

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    Thanks everybody.

    I think Barry was very forthright with all his replies<br>and I thank him.

    Regards –  Matron<br>:cool:

    Jay Torbitt
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    Another brilliant feature, well done and thanks to Barry, Trig and Daylight for that.

    Cheers Barry :armbounce: :wave:

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    Well done All ;)

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    ZZASS :wave:

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    <br>Thanks  :buddy:

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    Pure dead brilliant bye the way.

    Big thanks to Barry, Daylight and to anyone else who helped set this up, keep up the good work.

    Barry mensions the c4 racing programme above, i’ve never heard of it, anyone got any info on this.

    All the best<br>ALI

    Keith the teeth
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    Thanks Barry for taking the time to give detailed answers.

    Well done Daylight and Trigger

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    top scoop..shame he doesn’t come on this site regularly

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    Congrats and thanks to all concerned.<br>:clap:   :clap:   :clap:

    Another excellent read


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    Thanx Barry!wow! that was well cool! :bounce:

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    Thank you Barry for taking the time to do this for us.

    I’m sure you’re a very busy man, but I hope you’ll visit us again in the future.

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    I will email him your thanks tomorrow!

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