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    Was in Stratford-upon-Avon yesterday and ambled into the town-centre Corals.

    I tend to visit betting shops only when there’s an "x" in the month nowadays, but as I cut my teeth in them many moons ago, it’s at least interesting to see the "entertainment" they are now laying on.

    I was particularly impressed by the sign saying that ‘This Shop now Opens at 8.30am’.  The reason?  Australian greyhound racing of course.  Strewth, mate!


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    ………………and I bet someone bets on it!!!:o


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    I’d imagine the real reason for the shops opening at 8.30 wouldn’t be for the interest in aussie greyhounds.

    Much more likely they want the hugely profitable FOBT’s open for as many hours as possible.

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    Apparently one shop near Victoria Railway station in London is packed that time of day as the down and outs come in to warm up after a night on the park benches and then for a sh*t and a shampoo!

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    Is it just me finally opening my eyes or is it possible to bet on pretty much anything these days? Last night perusing the cricket WCF on betfair, I found I could even bet on whether the match would finish, the result of the toss (!) and which team would score the most runs in a 10 over period. And there was money on all of them!

    Are these markets where there are more open goal betting opportunities? Or more cheating?:biggrin:

    Irish Stamp
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    Runs in X amount of overs is pretty big business these days Aphardy – in an over/under kind of way.

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    It gets better. On GN Saturday SIS was showing Australian Trot Racing!

    I can’t speak for Corals, but I was led to believe that Hills were only going to open early for shops that had competition with Lads (this is defined as a Lads within 200 yards), and only if the Lads opened early. Then Ladbrokes took a long hard look, sized up all the shop opening possibilities, took in all the available data,  then decided to open the top 600 shops from 8:30! Of course, this ‘forced’ all bookies competitive with one of these Lads branches to follow suit, because they didn’t want to lose out on the aforementioned Ipswich (AUS) greyhound market!

    Or maybe it was for the FOBTs. It’s anyones guess really!

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    Hi bigwedge

    I take it you have got one of those seXy calenders.

    Shadow Leader
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    The market moves in the Australian greyhound races are hysterical – 8am & one can be backed from 1/2 to 1/5 in one price change! :o

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    I had a few hours to kill at Birmingham airport last Friday after my 8.50 flight to bonny Scotland was ‘combined’ (cancelled to you and me) with a later flight. Ladbrokes was open at 9am, showing trotting racing from some dark corner of the globe. My local laddies starts 9am opening next week. Can’t blame ’em, if people are stupid enough to stuff money into an AWP machine on their way to work then why not let them?

    Irish Stamp
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    Neuss is the best for market moves SL.

    I saw one go from 1/12 to 1/3 in one move when at Coral’s – and another in the same race from 33/1 to 12/1.  As it happened the favourite (who came from off the pace) was given the most tender handling i’ve ever seen and finished second (the jockey never hit it and was stood up the whole way, no drive or hands etc), the front-running 33/1 shot won by 3 lengths.  Not seen too much of Neuss since.

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    Obviously the bookies are out to make as much money as possible – who isn’t – but a line has to be drawn when they’re simply feeding off the disease addictionalis gamblus knobheaderus present in far too many people these days.

    And it’s no wonder, when alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking and probably even nits claim plenty of media time.

    As for the types of market available to bet on, we have this to blame for the surge in betting related crimes. When there is money to be made, on something which is so easy to fix (and ultimately get away with), there will always be the unscrupulous few willing to exploit it for all they can.

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