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    Finished lame on the 22nd October at Sedgefield, now listed as deceased

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    Tailed off by nearly 30 lengths and injured but still ridden to finish. When is the BHA going to deal with this behaviour, rather than fanny about with whip rules?

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    I’d be the first person to criticise a jockey who knowingly continued on an injured horse, but was it evident that Balkalin was injured before he finished?

    Balkalin had dropped out of contention, but didn’t look obviously injured from what I could see on TV. He finished fourth, earning connections prize money in the process. If the jockey had pulled him up just because he was behind, he would potentially be open to criticism for missing out on that.

    The stewards’ report contains minimal detail beyond saying the horse was found to be lame post-race.

    RIP Balkalin

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    It’s always difficult to tell, but in this case he didn’t look injured when jumping the 2nd last. He also made one very bad mistake on the previous circuit and reached for two other fences, that’s were probably the injury was initiated.
    I guess the jockey felt it was safe to finish the race, though you can never tell if the horse might be injured after hitting an obstacle very hard.

    BUT, what made me angry was the fact that he was basically novice chasing at the age of 11. This was his first run over fences and I’m totally against that….. And yes, **** happens….

    May he rest in peace

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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