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    “The paste is a herbal paste called Pulmon Pro which is something she is given on a daily basis in the belief that it would help her stop breaking a blood vessel.. This is administered orally and at no stage was she injected.”

    And on race day? When supplements should not be being given.

    Titus’ point is the salient one.

    I suspect that supplement is an expensive load of snake oil. But I have often wondered whether the likes of dandelion could be used instead of Lasix on race day- nobody would be any the wiser:

    Bailey was at pains to point out that the horse was not injected…presumably because of optics: oral administration seems less “druggy” than an IV injection. But substances which have good oral bioavailability work just as well as injections.

    At what point does a supplement count as a drug? Presumably the “not on race day” rule acts to try to render the position of the dividing line less important. But as seaing stars says, how could it be policed? If they hadn’t been careless, nobody would have known.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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