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    I realise commentating is a difficult thing to master but surely it’s time for Jim McGrath to shuffle off into retirement.

    He called the wrong faller today at Exeter (twice), called the wrong horse finishing fourth and then did his usual thing of predicting rather than commentating and horse A was "grabbed by Horse B now…" when Horse B was actually in the process of falling. The in-running thieves must be puking into their lap-tops.

    At least with the BBC’s habit of persevering with commentators (in all sports) that clearly cannot cut it anymore, his contract with them should be safe.

    Can anyone think of a worse commentator still employed (now that GG has done the decent thing and packed in)? Even Derek Thompson is better!


    First Bout
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    I agree 100% – such a shame as when he first started he was a breath of fresh air AND very accurate but those days are long gone I’m afraid.

    I don’t mind the catchphrases "grabbed" , "kicked away" etc but he simply a) doesn’t identify the runners quickly enough (Lucky Mix in the opener is an example of this) b) takes so long getting his words out that the complexion of the race has changed by the time he’s said it


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    J A McGrath in his pomp is probably the best caller i’ve heard in 30+ years of following the sport. I didn’t hear him today so can’t comment. If he is struggling then it’s probably best to go with the band still playing, he still has a lot to offer racing in print media

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    Not his finest moments.

    Time to hand over to one of the younger and sharper commentators.



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    After the 8.30 at Kempton I can almost hear the fat lady clearing her throat….

    "…and Tevez has come from last to get up and win!"

    Er, no he hasn’t!


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    I’m fed up with him seeming to ignore the second horse near the finish, the real threat to the leader, while raving about the efforts of the first and third horse.

    But there’s a young chap, evidently with far less excuse, who often ignores the horse in the lead until he is absolutely forced to by the proximity of the winning post, while cheering on a (sometimes permanently) placed horse in second or third.

    The Irish commentator, (John O’Hare?) seems to be one of the few who can be relied upon to call it in the way it unfolds, though he gets hysterical at the finish, too. I think it’s official policy and certainly many, perhaps a majority of punters, can’t get enough adrenaline into their system. Once in a while, there’s a happy outcome, when because of the garbled commentary you think you’ve lost, and it turns out you were on the winner – who wasn’t mentioned until maybe the dying seconds, when the hysterical decibels just add to the confusion!

    I’m just fed up with seeing my horse take the lead by a length or more, and hearing, instead, that another horse is vying against the second for the lead! When they come on, I turn off the sound now.

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    Very rarely compliment/praise him, however his commentary for Wednesday and Thursday at Perth was excellent.


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    Funny, I thought his calling at Perth was diabolical at times.

    Now, I don’t know where he’s positioned, or if he’s seeing the same pictures as we are, but it seemed that the distance between the leader and the secong place horse was always a nice round ten lengths regardless! It must be his favourite distance.

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    Now, I don’t know where he’s positioned, or if he’s seeing the same pictures as we are

    Commentary position at Perth is terrible, along with Kelso, the worse in the country. Basically on the steps of the stands and low level. Perth commentary position is also head on to runners.

    I don’t think there is a single commentator who enjoys calling there.

    Most calls from there will be from the monitor and it may not be the same picture the viewers are seeing as the commentator has access to all camera angles and he can select whichever one he wishes – although it would make sense to use the picture being broadcast simply for continuity.

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