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    Would love to see her win but Finsceal Beo has to be the lay against Darjina surely?

    Rahiyah must surely come on for seasonal debut too

    Fascinating race, but this 4 th group one so quickly has to be an issue

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    Alex Hammond, if she’s there.:cheesy:


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    Dylan Thomas for me needs further than 10f nowadays and he’s a lay given the strength of the opposition in the Prince Of Wales Stakes. Notnowcato beat him last time out and I give Manduro and – in particular – Red Rocks every chance of finishing ahead of him as well.

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    Have to agree with Gus that Dylan Thomas looks the most opposable favourite of the week. 11/4 is plenty short enough when his rivals look sure to include Red Rocks, Manduro, Notnowcato.

    There’s also a chance the a plodder called Sir Percy could get in his way. :biggrin:

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    Henrythenavigator in the Coventry. He was visually impressive in what looks to have been a  run-of-the-mill Maiden, which marked him down as more of a staying type, imho. I’m not sure if the helter-skelter of Tuesday’s 6f race is what he needs. Certainly Ladbroke’s 10/1 for next year’s Guineas is ridiculous.

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    Dylan Thomas also is one of those horses that needs the ground to be very firm. He wont get that on Wednesday.

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    I had DT down as one of my bankers for the week but I think I’ll hold back now. Obviously I’ll be expecting compensation if he wins.

    George Washington is my lay of the week.

    madman marz
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    Notnowcato, never again will he finish in front of Dylan Thomas, I think Manduro will beat the 2 of them.<br>Warsaw was my original lay, but after Irish Jigs win yesterday, I am not so sure.

    Well said Seabird, she is a bit of a fantasy bird for me, like that blonde one from ABBA, drooled over her even before my pubescent days.:cheesy:

    Having said all that, have to keep eye out for the weather, could throw everything up in the air, if there is substantial downpours.

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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