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    Who do you think should have the final say in the running tactics?

    Obviously it’s a joint decision, but the final say always appears to rest with the trainer. In cases like today, maybe it shows that the trainer can have too much of a say.

    Of course Nicholls isn’t daft, and was a jock himself and is the best triner around, but it seemed obvious to viewers and to Walsh that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

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    I am sure Ruby will appreciate this post when he next looks in here.

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    Fair play to you MP

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    Fair play to you MP

    Fair Play :shock: Am sure MP will be all over Ruby again soon.


    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    My Girlfriend was watching the race with me and ask me "Have they got that horse insured" :lol:

    I’m just gald he came back in one piece if indeed he has. He put in an awful jump at the second last and looked like he may have struck into himself but hopefully just the camera angle.

    I’m niether up nor down with this defeat as I said from the start he should even have been here. I was never in favour of him running as I have seen horses go over the top many times and they must have gne here on a wing and a prayer all because of some silly merit badge.

    Our Vic has ran a blinder and done a mini Denman which goes to prove his form he showed at Cheltenham when he beat the same horses as Denman is very good.

    He has always threatened to be top class and we should take nothing away from him as he never stopped trying. Regarding the way he was ridden the result could have been different but PN doesn’t make many errrors in judgement so what can you say. Had he jumped the second last properly he would have won and no one would be saying much other than Our Vic ran a great race.

    I’m glad all ended well and hopefully Kauto can come back next year and
    be as good as ever. Bookies got it right again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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