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    Are you members familiar with with the website, Adrian Its a quality, thorough and totally damn exhaustive, data driven account covering such aspects as favs, going, fitness and weight that might dispell a few myths or back up your theories. In summary though it is pretty useful. Heres the best data I could retrive from 12 years study.

    1) Flat Top Rated selections that ran within 6 days…3454 selections…28 SR%…117% Return on outlay.

    2) Jumps <6 days 1051 selections…36 SR%…120% Return on outlay.

    All the best and good luck in running

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    Hi Peter I think you will find that the excellent site to which you refer is already well known to a sizeable %age of TRF members, so dont be surprised if you are not overwhelmed with replies. However this and other sites that assist us all to find winners are always worth mentioning every now and then so that those that aren’t aware of them can check them out.

    Keep up the good work mate, looking forward to seeing your BF thread after April 1st.

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    You are right, Mr Massey is a ‘joined up’ thinker and his site is a model study in the power of statistics – simple and powerful

    although a newbie – I get the feeling you are not new to the nags – I wish you well on this forum and elsewhere!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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