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    Hi gang

    I currently consider that £50,000 is an acheiveable and worthwhile reward for a years betting. (Given the amount of time and effort that most of us put into our love of horse racing.)

    The main reason I know this is possible is due to the fact that betting attracts hoards of ignorant, unprepared, gullible losers.


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    Personally I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than a hundred grand.

    ricky lake
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    maybe so , and good luck to you , but first you should have a check with AP , im sure he would put you right with the reality of what is achievable



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    Anything is achievable including a 50k loss. The size of your starting bank would be key as to what you would hope to achieve in a year.
    My ex boss has about 200k in one of his betfair accounts that he uses for some football system. This may sound like he is an extremely successful punter but the reality is he is an extremely successful business man who has made millions through a completely different line of work. I would say almost for certain that he loses money on betfair long term.

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    i agree with carvillshill and am in fact typing this reply whilst in bed, using the windows on-screen keyboard as i cannot be arsed to sit up to reach the proper keyboard

    as i am being paid almost that amount to lay in bed today, i may have to up my ‘get out of bed fee’ to considerably more than 100k

    now, where’s the remote, ‘get on’ is starting …

    must get myself one of those thai teasmaids :lol:

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    There are more tham a few of those Goblin Teasmaid’s here in Thailand mate they cum in all shapes and sizes. :lol:

    How much would I be happy with in a season? I’m truly happy as I sit now as it’s been exceptionally good start.

    Dodgy old place to be talking about money but should either Noland, Sizing Europe, Katchit or Binocular win it will make it a very good year.
    If more than one of them win it will be a great year………If Kauto Star wins th Gold Cup……….will cover what I expect to win in a season for the next ? years.

    Love racing so if II won 1 pound or 1 million pounds I would still do it…rather the latter of course but can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

    My winnings to date are…what was the question again? :)

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    Hi Zoso

    I agree that figures such as 50K or 200K mean very little in isolation. The key element is the ability to make good decisions. Equally the size of the bank is important. I have a bit of a dilema on this one though…… making 50K from a starting bank of 50K seems sensible. But I still believe it should be possible to operate at around £100 a point and make a regular 10pts per week.

    However I think it’s vital to work within a certain profit expectation. This will help to give a professional sense of perspective.


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    "Have I grown? or have Jaffa cakes got alot smaller!"

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    I usually aim to get between £ 1500 and £3000….last season was a wash out was way down.

    This jump season isnt much better,but im slowly scratching into a very small profit…very small!!!!!!!!!!

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    My, what an Ego Thread!! :D

    As nothing can be really proofed, I may as well join in..

    I win £800 million annually, and lose £56.42p. 8)

    But, I consider it irrelevant… :roll:



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    You can estimate the economics of it by assuming the average wage earner loses, at most, 5% of earnings to betting. There are reckoned to be about 5% of punters making a regular profit.

    So out of 100 punters, the maximum possible total income available for the 5 winning ones is about:
    95 times £23,000 divided by 20 = £109,250

    On average, the winning 5 will each get £109,250 /5 = £21,850 per annum.
    That is tax free but has a great deal of expenses and is high risk. Some years better, but some worse. It may involve 60 hour working weeks. It also relies on the 95 losing punters keeping the dream or being replaced by new punters.

    When you hear people talking of consistent, easy winnings over £100k a year they are simply lying to you and themselves.

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    LOL at Doyley :lol:


    are you saying that you regularly make 100% profit in racing in the long term? :shock: I find that difficult to believe!

    Care to share your secret?? – is it purely by taking advantage of ‘gullible losers’ on the betting exchanges, or is there more to it than that?

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    For anyone struggling…it could always be worse :D

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    Is that Aceform guy for real or is it just someone delibarately trying to be awful for entertainment purposes. I have never been able to quite work it out.

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