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    Looking through the market for the BBC Sports personality Darren Clarke is the 1/2 fav mainly on the sympathy vote after his wife Heather died.

    Zara Phillips is a 3/1 shot due in the main to there being no strong contenders.

    Andrew Murray is a 16/1 chance but what has he achieved this year?

    Comedian David Williams is a 50/1 chance as he raised a lot of money by swimming the english channel. The 2006 sports personality? I dont think so!

    The best priced horse racing contender is A.P. Mc Coy at 100/1 the same price as footballer David Beckham.

    This years contenders look poor but as there are few strong contenders it looks like the womens vote on how a loving husband carried on following his wifes death will take the prize.

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    A couple of points.

    Darren Clarke performed with enormous credit and great dignity this year; given that this is a competition to crown the sports personality of the year, this makes him as strong as a contender as the usual joyless winners.

    Zara Phillips is a strong contender because she is a world champion in an exacting discipline, not by default. She is obviously a great story too, not only because she’s a minor royal but because she’s also seeking to emulate her mother, which I believe would be unique in itself.

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    Unfair on Murray to ask what he’s achieved, from outside the worlds top 100 to the top 20 in 10 months is pretty good going for a guy of his age. Not may people beat federer these days either so thats an achievement in itself. I think Clarke deserves it on the personality front.

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    A rumour has gone round, started by Eamonn Holmes on Radio Five, that Clarke will be pulling out of the SP award as he would feel uneasy about winning it.

    Not a problem with me, thoroughly deserved on his staggering Ryder Cup display.  On a similarly unfortunate vein, perhaps Paul Hunter’s truly heroic attempts to carry on playing this year should make him the first posthumous winner.  That was genuine ‘personality’.

    If ‘personality’ really means sporting achievement then it should be Zara Phillips or Joe Calzaghe.


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    While Zara Philips won the World Championships on merit, it was only due to the brilliance of Toytown. He got her out of the mire on more than one occasion on the cross country phase and she is some way from being the best rider in Britain, let alone the world.

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    What price is Toytown?

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    Quote: from thedarkknight on 10:51 am on Oct. 20, 2006[br]Sounds like Smithy’s missus had him chained to the television that weekend…. :biggrin:


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    The title is a misnomer.<br>Sports personality implies they have some personality.<br>Most top sports stars are self obsessed and focused and therefore dull – Faldo, Mansell, Murray.<br>Sports award would be better!

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    Well id vote for Segeant Cecil anyday.

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    Why is Clarke happy to be considered Irish if he is a loyalist?

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    Possibly but she bought Toytown as a 7yo when he was just a pony club eventer.  She has brought him through from novice to World Championship level with a fair amount of skill.  

    She didn’t just buy a made horse.

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    Does anyone care these days? It used to have great significance and was compulsory viewing (so I’m told)

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