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9:58 – how low can a human go?

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    Staggered, speechless and amazed by Bolt’s run last night. And he’s confident he can go lower…

    The thing is, this HAS to end somewhere else the logical conclusion is that we will one day run 100m in, well, 0.01 secs.

    Which is quite quick really.


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    Bolt’s got another four or five years before he’s likely to be at his physical peak, so 9.4s is by no means an unrealistic target, but my one fear is that he may suffer from a lack of viable competition. The likes of Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell (himself a prodigy at one stage, though a completely different athlete since his ankle injury) aren’t going to get any quicker and there don’t appear to be many youngsters capable of laying up with the Jamaican.

    If he isn’t pushed at some stage, will he keep improving?

    I for one would love to see him (Bolt) take on the 400m. I know he hates the event, and that his speed over shorter distances marks him out as an effective non-stayer, but physically he’s perfect for it and could (if he trains correctly) annihilate Jackson and Wariner.

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    Some interesting sectionals I saw on the BBC sport site…..

    Bolt completed his first 30m in 3.79sec, went through 20m-40m in 1.75, 40m-60m in 1.67, 60-80 in 1.61 and 80-100 in 1.66.

    With age, he’ll most certainly carry his speed for a lot longer, and I can see him going a small chunk under 19 seconds for 200m before he’s 27 (3 years time). :shock:

    With regards to Bolt’s potential over 400m – as was said by Equitrack – I’d love to know what he’d clock at this moment in time.

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