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    bob rolf
    bob rolf
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    The podium finish for season 2018:

    1st…STEVE H…520



    Many congratulations to STEVE H on winning this season’s 4PP, this is Steve’s fourth championship win, despite a blank score this week STEVE held on to take the title by 10 points from the runner-up and ever consistent EDDY7, who won May’s competition and the final place on the podium is last season’s champion ELCARTERO
    Well done once again to STEVE, I will be in touch via messaging regarding your winners prize

    Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in this season’s competition and to David and TRF for their continued support of the 4PP

    7th April 2018 to 25th August 2018
    Final League Table
    25th August (week 21 of 21)

    520 STEVE H
    510 Eddy7
    502 Elcartero
    481 Yahoo
    469 Ted
    460 Sixtoone1
    440 Nathan Hughes
    435 TheKryptonFactor
    433 Raycyn
    429 Pat123
    419 Kingmonkey
    410 Tetleys
    394 FisherMan70
    389 Justbetting
    388 Rainyman
    384 Latefortheraces
    381 Londonharry2
    380 FappyR
    376 Isinglass
    372 ChrissyE
    363 Anne7
    355 Bob Rolf
    353 Jordon
    348 Threewood3
    344 J-Parsons
    323 Lyla40
    319 JohnWilliams
    318 Wyldesyde
    318 BigG
    308 Hot Fuss
    308 Grundy
    305 BerieB
    302 Turn-of-foot
    302 Laver7
    299 Dfward
    297 Greenasgrass
    292 Shevral
    291 Steveh31
    288 RacingNews
    287 Mick Slade58
    279 Scratville
    273 Grey Desire
    271 Robnorth
    271 Brenda
    264 CharlesOlney
    258 007canfordcliffs
    257 Steve75
    257 Laney7
    247 Michael Walsh
    245 Venture to Cognac
    243 Silent Assassins
    231 DiamondGeezer
    223 Goodfellow
    223 Archie
    213 Aaronizneez
    201 Triptych
    198 LeeSH
    188 Over2u
    126 Sea Pidgeon
    121 Billion
    065 Stevecaution
    057 Yeats
    038 Flash15
    006 Ray H

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    Well done Steve H for winning yet another 4PP..consistently excellent tipping over the years.
    Thanks as always to Bob and David for making it all possible.

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    Another fantastic season for you Steve, very well done.
    Congratulation too to Eddy7 and Elcarto for filling the
    podium places, there was very little between all 3 at
    the end. Top tipping guys :good:

    Many thanks again Bob for running this competition, it’s
    a lot of work for you but it’s very much appreciated :good:


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    Well done Steve on winning the competition well deserved enjoyed every week can’t wait for the next one and a big thanks to bob and David on running it every week and there hard work. thanks bigg

    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    Well done Steve H on another Championship win
    and Eddy7 and elcartero going so close. all 3 of you so consistent each month.
    Thank you Bob for the efforts you put into running this, you are a hero…. :bye: :bye:

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    Brilliant tipping SteveH :yahoo: a regular serial high scorer in this comp, very well done.
    Eddy and El great effort being 2nd and 3rd :good: :good:

    Nathan you did pretty well yourself in 7th and a top scorer one month too.

    Thanks Bob for all your hard work and will try harder next time. How many weeks till you start again, is it in October ?
    Don’t want to miss you when I’m on holiday in September…Jac :rose:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Venture to Cognac
    Venture to Cognac
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    Well played Steve, and thanks again Bob

    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    Nathan you did pretty well yourself in 7th and a top scorer one month too.

    I was punching above my weight.
    Thought I was in with a chance of getting on the podium but such is the consistency of those at the top a bad few weeks is a big set back.
    Was nice to win a monthly prize those.

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n

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    Well done to all the winners! Thanks for the competition Bob!


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    Well done Steve on another championship, excellent tipping also a great effort from Eddy and Elcartero. Thanks as always to Bob for all the hard work, enjoy your break.

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    Many congratulations Steve, and also Eddy & Elcartero for a great season.

    And as ever huge thanks to Bob for running this for us :good:


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    Well done Steve and thanks Bob for all the work. :good:

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    Belated congratulations to Steve on an excellent performance.

    Thanks Bob for your continued hard work in running this competition.

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