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    I used to think that the jumps season started properly with the meeting at Kempton, but Los Floss are having their official opening this Friday, and the Chairman has leased Snoopy Loopy for the £50,000 3m 1.5 f H’cap Chase. This results in only 6 other horses being in the h’cap, and with a full field likely, 12 will be oh. I suppose there is no point having a proper look until Wednesday, when the final deccies are out.

    I’ll almost certainly back something that has run recently. Actually, that only eliminates Snoopy Loopy, Out The Black and Boychuk. I had better check whether they run well fresh, before chucking them.

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    It is a lefthand, flat, galloping course of about 1m4f. It looks a bit like Thirsk, so they’ll be galloping for 4f, and then going around a 2f 180 degree bend.

    I’ll be having my usual late afternoon nap, so it will be fairly late in the evening by the time I post my prognosis.

    Tom Scudamore riding for Gordon Elliott rather sticks out, so I’ll have to check out the history of that. (Exposing my ignorance again.)

    3m 1.5f Good

    1 P5- Snoopy Loopy 148 p 11 11-12 P Bowen 42 S E Durack 162 163 169
    ch g Old Vic — Lovely Snoopy (IRE) (Phardante (FR))

    2 P-2 Hoo La Baloo 6 8 10-7 P F Nicholls 50 R Walsh 143 146 169
    b g Unfuwain (USA) — Via Saleria (IRE) (Arazi (USA))

    3 4-0 Church Island 44 b 10 10-3 Michael Hourigan 43 Denis O´Regan 139 160 175
    ch g Erins Isle — Just Possible (Kalaglow)

    4 23- Out The Black 132 11 10-1 P J Hobbs 33 R P Flint 3 137 159 167
    b/br g Presenting — Executive Wonder (IRE) (Executive Perk)

    5 123 Backstage 6 7 10-1 Gordon Elliott 64 Tom Scudamore 137 144 168
    b g Passing Sale (FR) — Madame Nathalie (FR) (Dreams To Reality (USA))

    6 51- Boychuk 135 b 8 10-1 P J Hobbs 33 Richard Johnson 137 160 171
    b g Insan (USA) — Golden Flower (GER) (Highland Chieftain)

    7 F38 Coq Hardi 6 8 10-0 P Bowen 42 P J Brennan 135 131 168
    b g Panoramic — Matagirl (FR) (Matahawk)

    8 -31 Fire And Rain 61 6 10-0 Miss E C Lavelle 25 A Coleman 135 128 165
    b g Galileo (IRE) — Quatre Saisons (FR) (Homme De Loi (IRE))

    9 120 Keepitsecret 6 8 10-0 Jonjo O´Neill 46 Dominic Elsworth 134 155 166
    b g Topanoora — Try Your Case (Proverb)

    10 96P Hold Em 41 p 7 10-0 W K Goldsworthy 100 Paul Moloney 134 96 154
    b g Moscow Society (USA) — One To Two (IRE) (Astronef)

    11 F28 Cool Running 30 9 10-0 C Roche 33 A P Crowe 134 156 158
    br g Glacial Storm (USA) — Strong Wings (Strong Gale)

    12 211 Nostringsattached 41 p 8 10-0 Jonjo O´Neill 46 R P McLernon 5 132 153 165
    b g Un Desperado (FR) — Site Mistress (IRE) (Remainder Man)

    13 2FP On The Other Hand 31 t 9 10-0 C F Swan 80 D J Casey 131 146 153
    b g Oscar (IRE) — Coumeenoole Lady (The Parson)

    14 037 Justpourit 30 v 1 [/color:2oh83wi6]10 10-0 D T Hughes 20 R Loughran 129 156 157
    b g Glacial Storm (USA) — Gale Choice (IRE) (Strong Gale)

    15 -51 Seymar Lad 75 9 10-0 Miss E C Lavelle 25 Jack Doyle 128 143 153
    b g Oscar (IRE) — Far And Deep (IRE) (Phardante (FR))

    16 141 Mr Robert 31 8 10-0 Evan Williams 69 Peter Toole 7 125 110 119
    b g Dr Massini (IRE) — Langretta (IRE) (Lancastrian)

    17 -02 War Of The World 36 7 10-0 Tim Vaughan 56 Dean Coleman 7 125 96 153
    b g Shernazar — Fairpark (IRE) (Shardari)

    18 373 Warpath 31 8 10-0 Evan Williams 69 Charlie Huxley 5 117 109 152
    b g Alderbrook — Blake´s Fable (IRE) (Lafontaine (USA))

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    I’m not sure that I’ve got the stamina or willpower to do all 18, but here are the 6 in the h’cap.

    Snoopy Loopy

    A reasonable end to the season, with a 5th in the Totesport Bowl. Prone to mistakes, which often seem not to take as much out of him as they ought.

    Hoo La Baloo

    Ran last Saturday. Likely to be okay running again so soon, because carrying lots of condition at this time of season?

    Well h’capped.

    Church Island

    3 lbs higher than in the Whitbread. Headgear back on. Could run them all ragged, once he takes the lead. Had a 81 day break after the Whitbread, and now 44 days since a h’dle race. Presumably the plan is to have an autumn and spring campaign, and party over Christmas, so I think he’ll be fairly fit.

    Out The Black

    Grimthorpe victor. :evil: .

    Sarah Hobbs, wife of Philp said of the the 11-2 winner: "He had a similar heart problem to Denman and had an operation over a year ago. We’re delighted he’s come back. He jumps for fun, the further the better and he needs good ground.

    Just including the quote, for anyone interested in either Denman or Golden Flight.
    4 lbs higher than for the Scottish National, but I’m assuming these 11 yos (Snoopy Loopy also) need at least one warm up run. (Am I being unduly dismissive of Snoopy Loopy, given that the racecourse chairman has leased him on the course’s official opening day?)


    Well, I recognise the sire. Ran in the Fox Hunters’, so this is another one I see running in the Becher Chase. Came 3rd in the race that Hoo La Baloo was 2nd in last weekend.

    01Jul09 Perth (25GF ,RPR124)
    I’ll give him a bit of a break to freshen him up, and then we’ll take it from there. There are races as Galway and Ffos Las at around the same time, and he’ll go for one of them. – Gordon Elliott, trainer

    Unless there’s a runner in a prior race on the card, this seems to be Scudamore’s first ride for Gordon Elliott.

    Fourth dam Candia’s sire Birikil (Prix Jean Prat) was stolen by the SS in 1940 and sent as a prize of war (1943) to Germany. After returning to France, he was able to meet up with his old muccas, as he was sent to Argentina in 1950.


    I need to add this one to my GN spreadsheet – he could develop into a contender.
    Only had two runs last year, and is 5 lbs lower than two years ago.
    Won on seasonal debut in 2005 and 2006.

    15Apr09 Cheltenham (26Gd ,RPR144)
    That was a shock – he hasn’t felt like that since his novice hurdle days. – Richard Johnson, jockey; He has always had ability, but is quirky to say the least and sometimes doesn’t put his best foot forwards. – Philip Hobbs, trainer

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    I’m all stressed out from my Denman debacle.

    900,000 points win Boychuk

    The Summer National winner,

    Fire And Rain

    is running in this. It was rather annoying that I didn’t back him for that race, as he was the only horse I included a quote about in the thread. (He used to break blood vessels, was put on special foodstuffs or supplements, and gets turned out in a field every day.) I didn’t back him that day as I thought he had done too much recently, including running in the Ascot Stakes 12 days earlier. I’m glad that Emma took my advice, and gave the horse a two month break. He has run in 7 chases (all h’caps) and has won 4 of them.

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    I think you must be my long lost brother, Gerald, because I always have a nap in the afternoon….when I woke up and read this thread I thought I’d actually slept for 2 months and woken up when the proper racing had started [and also missed my holiday which starts next week!]. Saw Boychuk at Chepstow last year, and seem to remember him being fancied to win but did nothing. Had forgotten that he won at Cheltenham. Funny horse; thought it was the fact that he was always carrying a lot of weight, but he seemed to run badly even when he wasn’t carrying much. There are some trainers with horses in this race that are in seriously good form, but Gordon Elliot is most canny and it’s difficult to ignore him.Surprised to see Church Island running; isn’t he quite ground dependant? The only comment I’ve got for Boychuk is ‘left handed [National]’.Seymar Lad is interesting if he runs; a very good horse with very bad legs..every race he runs is a bonus. Probably a bit too far for him, though.

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    The going is Good at the moment. On the weather forecast it showed heavy showers in large parts of South Wales at 4pm tomorrow. Wasn’t listening to what the forecast was overnight though.

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    Nice to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour Gerard :wink:

    Bit surprised that you prefer Boychuck over Fire and Rain though. He’s a hard horse to access being a good winner last time out after being well beaten by Emma Lavelle’s 2nd string (if he is), Seymar Lad.

    What puts me off is the fact that win was on softish ground at Cheltenham which is a lot tougher and more stamina dependant than this flat track. It was also his first win in 3 years and he might just find more than a few of these too fast for him on this galloping track and much faster surface.

    I just prefer Jonjo’s Nostringsattached who you fail to mention. He looks to be improving with every race. His 2 latest wins were both over distances short of his best trip. AP looked to be caught napping last time out on him but despite being unable to get within what you would consider striking distance at the last,the horse under the cosh still found enough and won. He’ll be much more at home over this longer trip and I think he’ll take the world of beating. 10’s is way too big IMO

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    Fire And Rain wouldn’t want cut in the ground, and it seems increasingly likely, so I’ll side with Nostringsattached.
    Looks revitalised since reverting to being held up, should appreciate the step up in trip and though unproven on soft, there was enough give in the ground at MR to suggest he’ll handle it.
    With the topweight skewing the handicap and AP unable to draw the weight, and with his rider’s claim reducing his burden to 9.09, he might think he’s running loose compared to his recent races.

    Irish Stamp
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    The formerly very excited

    War of the World

    for me – very good on his day, TV first time up. Hmmm :wink:

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    On the contrary – good to see you haven’t lost yours Fist.

    Sorry for not mentioning all the horses Fist, but I find it difficult to study that many horses in depth after having done a shift at work.

    I was very disappointed that the decs weren’t out on Wednesday – I forgot that 48 hours decs are only for the Flat and the really important NH races.

    What I should have done was started then, on the assumption that there wouldn’t be too much wasted work in terms of withdrawals.

    I’m planning to attack the unmentioned from big-price down, using the Tail End method, to see if I can find something interesting.

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    I’ve posted an update of horses that are in or out for the jumps season here: … 618#259618

    Courtesy of . . .

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    Oh well, I didn’t back him myself, but I pinpointed him for other people

    1) Scudamore’s first ride for him

    2) meaningful quote mentioning Ffos Las

    3) colourful background story, which indicated that I had had a long look at the horse

    4) the one I wrote most comments about.

    What a bloody plonker!

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    At least you mentioned him mate I never even looked at him :oops: While Nostringsattached would never have beat him Richie McLernon looked alsleep to the fact TS had slipped the field and gone for home.

    You don’t half miss that man McCoy who was at his brilliant best again especially on that one of Jonjo’s who looked beat before the home turn. How he gets these horses to run for him is beyond me.

    Another excellent meeting at this new track. I just hope the sponsors give them loads of support and we some top horses running there in the future.

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    What put me off him was him running last weekend, which created the impression they wer’n’t being serious about today.

    Obviously, if I’ve got the quote mentioning Ffos Las and he’s had a bit of a break before then I’m big on him.

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    Managed to see the last part of the race at a bookies near my daughters…hoped that you’d backed the winner, Gerald, but saved myself some money by getting there too late to have a bet. How many times am I going to miss a Gordon Elliott winner [eg Perth]. Isn’t he the winning most trainer at Bangor as well?

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    That’s funny. I hoped


    were on, as you had mentioned Elliott.

    edit: I alluded to this earlier, but I sometimes worry that I am too subtle for people to understand what I am going on about. Backstage has the same sire as Mon Mome.

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    Whats funny about reading things that you’ve written about races is that we all seem to mention the winners but back other horses. I was going to back the Emma Lavelle horse, but got to the bookies too late. Had a bet on Nanton for the Cambridgeshire/Cesarewitch as suggested by doughino instead. Fate may win me a lot of money [ew double 50 pence, 33/1 and 25/1…..have never tried a double before…oh how adventurus [sp] I’m getting in my old age!!]. Horse that came second today seemed to be staying on really well. Glad I didn’t back Church Island for the National; think he may have lost the plot again. Am using a Diceman approach to life these days, my betting life that is. Hope old Snoopy Loopy is alright and was pulled up because he was tired.

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