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    The third race at Folkestone tonight is listed as a class 7 race. Is this right as I don’t remember seeing a class 7 before ?

    Grey Desire
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    It’s basically a banded race for horses rated 45 and below

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    Aye, aaron, it’s an example of the rebranding of Banded races as Classified races, and the dispersing thereof throughout racecards of otherwise higher quality races (rather than having entire cards consisting of nothing but class 7s).

    Not that Classified races didn’t exist beforehand, of course – there are plenty of other, better and longer-established Classified contests dotted throughout the calendar. I’m bound to trot out the jumps examples, as it’s my greater area of knowledge, but from memory during the course of the year Ayr, Newcastle, Hexham, Hereford, Newton Abbot, Fontwell, Plumpton and maybe a few others will all host Classified hurdles and chases, typically limited to horses rated 0-90 or 0-95.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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