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    Thanks BigG, RR, Nat, Jac and MOM.
    The Timeform Racehorses Of 2919 is out middle to late March if I remember rightly, so Mtoto won’t be getting his prize for a while.

    value is everything
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    That’s a long wait Ginge. ;-)

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Well done MTOTO great score and thanks Ginger for a really well organised and fun comp. :good:

    John Gooch
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    Hello to everyone

    I echo the sentiments expressed by all of you about the winning entries and scores.

    Also to Gingertipster for all his hard work making it all work.

    This kind of Horses To Follow Competition was the reason for me joining theracingforum,
    but I have found other avenues to become involved in and have over the summer really enjoyed
    all the different options available.

    Looking forward to the coming National Hunt Season and are at the moment doing a lot of
    head scratching about my Ten To Follow entry, but have to say the taking part is more enjoyable
    as you get to know other competitors and all being well will be taking part in another Flat Season
    next year.

    Once again Many Thanks :bye:

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    Yes i’ll echo what everyone else has said and thank You GT for running this competition :good:

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    Well done Mtoto, grand stuff.

    Thanks to GT for a mammoth effort in scoring and updating frequently.

    Looking forward to next year.

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    WOW, that was a tight finish there GT. Luckily I played the part of Kew Gardens to your Stradivarius in this Long Distance Comp. Thanks for everyone’s warm congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed this competition and really enjoyed the format. Ginge many thanks firstly for not winning your own comp :rose: but also for your organisation and managing the comp through-out the season. The competition was well thought out and obviously well recieved by reading the comments and appreciation above. Please do not be offended but I honestly would not make appropriate use of Timeform Racehorses 2019 and I would be honoured if you would keep it for yourself to study and enjoy. I know from following you for a number of years that you treasure these racing “bibles” and I am sure that the additional knowledge that you acquire from reading TR2019 will result in posting more than a few tasty winners. Good luck to everyone looking forward to taking part again next year. Apologies but I can’t resist posting Ginge’s favourite emoji :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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    Thanks Jac, Green’, John, Baynet.
    Please stay out of my way Mr Cormack.

    Really enjoyed doing this competition, not a chore at all.

    There are some changes I’ll probably be making for 2020:

    “NB” Next Best (Replacing Your Star/Nap horse):
    Along with a Star/Nap (S/N), TRFers should nominate a Next Best (NB) BEFORE the 2000 Guineas. Then IF (only “if”) your S/N has what turns out to be its final start of the season prior to October 1st… or choosing to substitute out your original S/N before Oct 1st… Any Group points SUBSEQUENTLY scored by your NB are automatically DOUBLED from the day after your S/N’s final start… OR Your NB’s Group points are DOUBLED from the day after substitution if that substitution happens before the end of your S/N’s season (and before Oct 1st).
    Don’t worry if it sounds complicated. This rule effectively means Star/Naps are transferred over to your Next Best automatically at the sad death or retirement or injury or from the time you yourself choose to substitute out your original S/N. There will be NO NEED for TRFers to ask for their Next Best’s double Group points to take effect, it’ll all be done automatically. All TRFers will need to do themselves is nominate a Next Best at the start of the competition.

    Competition Start:
    Not sure about the running start we had in 2019. Might be best with a definite start date for the Flat Ten To Follow on exact same date as the Jumps comp’ finishes. Scoring races starting with the first European Group race on 2000 Guineas day. TRFers may enter after that time/date but races run prior to entry will not count towards his/her totals and your Star/Nap and Next Best can’t have run since the start of 2000 Guineas day. TRFers may change up to three horses in their list prior to the 2000 Guineas.

    Group Points:
    Points are scored in all Group races in Britain, Ireland and France, plus winners ONLY of Group/Grade 1 races elsewhere. However, all horses must start the season in the yard of a European based trainer.
    So Ghaiyyath’s German Group 1 would’ve scored as well as Old Persian’s USA victory… And if a European horse subsequently gets transferred over to be trained in USA it still counts towards totals if winning in Grade 1 company. (No horses trained in non-European countries from the start of the season are allowed).

    Group points other than winners of Group 1’s are upped by a quarter from what they were in 2019.

    Group 1:
    Colts & Open races…..1st 1000 points, 2nd 500, 3rd 250 instead of (in 2019) 1000, 400 and 200.
    Fillies & Mares races….1st 800 points, 2nd 400, 3rd 200 instead of 800, 320 and 160.

    Group 2:
    Colts & Open races…..1st 500, 2nd 250 instead of 400 and 200.
    Fillies & Mares races..1st 400, 2nd 200 instead of 320 and 160.

    Group 3:
    Colts & Open races…..1st 250 instead of 200.
    Fillies & Mares races..1st 200 instead of 160.

    Betting Bonus Points:
    Betting Bonus Points winners upped by X 10. So instead of Group 1’s getting odds X30, Group 2’s X 20 and Group 3’s X 10… It’ll be odds X 40, X 30 and X 20. With Seconds getting a quarter (instead of a fifth) of the winner’s Betting Bonus Points. Thirds get half of Second’s.

    So a 5/1 Open Group 1 winner still gets 1000 Group points and then 40 X 5 = 200 Betting Bonus points = 1200 (instead of 1060 in 2019).
    5/1 in an Open Group 1 second place gets 500 Group points and then 200 ‘/, 4 = 50 Betting Bonus for a total of 550 (instead of 430 in 2019).
    5/1 in an Open Group 1 third gets 250 Group points and then 50 ‘/, 2 = 25 for a total of 275 (instead of 215 in 2019).
    Maximum number of points for one race are:
    100/1+ Open Group 1 winner gets 1000 Group points + 4000 Betting Bonus for a total of 5000 (instead of 4000 in 2019).
    100/1+ Open Group 1 second gets a total of 1500 (upped by 500) with a 100/1 third 750 (upped by 250).
    etc etc

    Am going to have a break as tbh don’t feel like doing anything for TRF at the moment (nothing to do with any TRFers). Doubt I’ll be able to stay away and probably be back for 2020. If not; if someone else wants to take over please feel free.

    Mtoto can message me with his address I’ll send a Racehorses Of 2019 immediately it’s published.

    Again, thanks for all your kind comments. :good:

    Mark (Ginge)

    value is everything
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    Thanks Mtoto. I blame the person who advised me to have Star/Naps in the comp’!!! ;-)

    Have you ever come across any Racehorses Of annuals?
    Not a matter of taking my Racehorses Of 2019; can just order two.
    Are you sure you don’t want the prize?
    Was hoping I’d make you another Timeform addict. :rose:

    value is everything
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    Too Darn Hot‘s injury cost me, But Mtoto had a lot of the best horses including three of the Arc favourites; Enable (nap), Japan and Ghaiyyath and totally deserved competition victory. Kew Gardens didn’t have a lot of luck prior to the last day and Baynet could’ve beaten us both had that horse done better earlier in the season. Greenasgrass was up with the pace throughout and hampered by star horse Crystal Ocean‘s injury. Greenasgrass overtaken in the last strides by Red Rum (who played his subs/wildcard particularly well, Magical, Enable and Battaash) and Botchy (the only one to star Stradivarius and would’ve won the whole thing had Fleeting not had Placeitus). Other than the winner, Pants was the only other to nap Enable… While Jackh came eighth primarily through napping the top scoring horse Magical. BigG did remarkably well considering got no points from his nap, having seven individual Group 1 winning horses. Middle Of March tenth; was one of only two that had Laurens who would’ve been one of the biggest scorers last year but more inconsistent this.

    Others who particularly should be mentioned:
    Nefertiti led for a long time, with big priced 1000 Guineas winner Hermosa and paid for being away from her device; unable to use subs and wildcards at critical times. Nathan Hughes the only person to have Battaash from the start – most TRFer’s Wilcard… Which is ironic considering NH was the one who convinced me to have Wildcards. And Kilmurry did well considering didn’t touch the ten to follow after entering, no use of subs/wildcard.

    value is everything
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    Hi GT, as I say, I just wouldn’t make great use of it. I was once a Timeform addict using their racecard ratings and their Black Book which generally kept me in profit but these days most of my betting activity involves golf and football these days. Just promise to keep posting a steady stream of winners after you have a good break. All the best :good:

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    Fair enough Mtoto.
    I don’t have many bets in the last few weeks of the Flat season or early Jumps anyway.

    value is everything
    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Nathan Hughes the only person to have Battaash from the start – most TRFer’s Wilcard… Which is ironic considering NH was the one who convinced me to have Wildcards

    I will never learn when to keep my mouth shut… :rose:

    Member since March 2008
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    TOP STUFF MTOTO :good: :good: :good:

    And Ginge much respect for the hours and hours of hard work you must have put in running this :good: :good:
    I don’t think people realise how much graft these competitions involve. :good: :good:

    Much kudos Fella :good: :good:

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    Have been away again, so sorry not to have posted earlier. Many congratulations to Mtoto and Ginger for such an exciting finish to the comp, and many, many thanks to Ginge for managing such a fun competition. Look forward to next year’s version. :rose:

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