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2019 Grand National

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    Completely agree MoM

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    Dark Ivy scarred alot of people :cry:


    peter .hpeter .h
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    I long for a race that brings out the best in jumpers and stayers. The 1984 race had twenty-something finishers yet it was the true test I mentioned, so falls are by no means what gives the race it’s appeal. It’s that sense of unpredictability and feeling of not knowing what would happen next. Today’s race can be described in one word; formulaic. No different than what you’d see in a “Whitbread” or “Hennessy”. You could have run the same field over the same distance over 30 fences at any other left handed flat track in the country and it would have played out identically. How can we guarantee the future of the race when people can’t differentiate between the Grand National and any other handicap?

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    But for a tragic misfortune at the first all the horses would have come home safely, I feel so sad for the connections of Up For Review, but I’m glad Magic Of Light and Regal Encore survived what could have been a fatal fall and went on to gain a place for their owners.

    We’ve lost too many good class horses in this race and it’s 4 miles with 2 furlongs plus to run on the flat to the winning post, any horse that can do that let alone two years in a row deserves to go down in history along with the greats of the earlier Grand Nationals.

    Have to agree with MoM…The fences saved horses today as they were designed to do.
    Horse Welfare is uppermost in peoples minds nowadays not just wanting to see spills and tumbles which not only result in horse fatalities but sometimes life threatening injury to their jockeys.

    Well done Tiger Roll a little horse with a big heart. :heart:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    I’d be all in favour of no falls atall, Jac; I’d be all for every horse keeping upright… If… walking straight through a fence (like the runner-up did at The Chair) took enough out of them so as to eventually pull up or at least be unplaced. I thought immediately after the race people were criticising unecessarily. But when horses essentially take liberties with fences and yet are good enough to beat every other horse bar the best Grand National horse of recent times… Maybe, just maybe we have gone too far?

    If you watch RTV’s review and see the head-on of Magic Of Light at the Chair, you’ll see what I mean.

    That said, if it’s a choice between MOL going straight through a fence (placing 2nd)… And going ass over t!t (like it would’ve been not so long ago)… I’d prefer the former.

    value is everything
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    At last some sanity on this issue . So many of you seem to want a return to the good old days! Well I m old enough to remember nationals back to 1963 and yes it was a right old spectacle alright…….. drops on the landing side so steep inevitably shattered many a horse’s leg…….. ditches so deep horses had to be hailed out of them , badly injured or worse……. fences so stiff the slightest touch meant horse and jockey doing somersault resulting in death or wheelchair confinement for life .
    I , for one , thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s race , it was fantastic but for the one sad fatality.
    Tiger is the most natural horse over the national fences since Red Rum , inevitably bring so tiny he brushes some.
    Now if he could come back and do it again next year…. !

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    Well even though my 2 horses both failed to complete I enjoyed the race and was cheering Tiger on once mine had gone and was pleased to see him win.

    I was also happy to see so many finishers.

    I cant believe people have a problem that so many finished.

    If this is the opinion of ‘the racing folk’ that too many horses finished ten it should be fairly easy battle for the anti horse brigade to really step it up and ban this sport once and for all.

    Disgusting what I’m reading on here.
    Saddening to hear。

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    I saw the incident at the first a few times, Vintage Clouds fell and brought down Up For Review which unfortunately proved fatal. In defence of the race, a sad incident like that could’ve happened at any NH racecourse.

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    Fantastic performance by Tiger Roll. Credit to Davy Russell, Gordon Elliot and the rest of the team too of course. And sympathies to connections of Up For Review; as always it’s very sad to hear of an animal losing its life.

    I can’t agree with the idea that the National is now just like any other race. It has so many distinguishing features and captures the public’s imagination in a way no other race does. That’s not to say it hasn’t changed since ‘the good old days’ as some would refer to different periods in its history. But those changes represent the sort of evolution which is a feature of any and all sports. Motor racing, football, rugby, American football to name just a few have all seen gradual amendments of their codes of laws in order to promote the safety of participants whilst preserving, to the extent possible, their essence. Horse racing is not and can not be any different. So whilst I can understand a bit of nostalgia and the fondness of memories from decades ago, I think we just have to accept that progress moves us forwards, not back.

    peter .hpeter .h
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    And here lieth the problem. How can it be that a jump race that relies on a horse to jump fences well be described as disgusting? Madness? Insane? As I said in my original post the race has never appealed for having two dozen fallers each year. Unfortunately people don’t like to read this when faced with the perennial issue of the Grand National fences. Where in my post did I ask for giant ditches or steep drops? If people can’t face an argument or different opinion without resorting to misconstruing comments then a discussion forum isn’t the place for them. Having ones rationale brought into question without actually addressing the issues at hand is a sorry situation that racing is becoming all too accustomed to. Not one person has explained the rationale behind having a race run under considerably easier conditions to those at any other racecourse. AP summed it up perfectly at Cheltenham after the NH Chase; you can’t accept jump racing if you can’t accept fallers. Unfortunately it seems the racing community isn’t so keen on accepting opinions either. A shame considering the level of intellect that is shared amongst it.

    What people don’t seem to recognise is that the knee jerk reactions to any incident leading to so many alterations is going to prove detrimental in the long run. They’ll eventually trim the number of runners, then the number of fences, then the overall distance and before you know it the race is as good as gone. Enthusiasts will lose their passion and Joe Public will lose their interest and the race will be lost in the shuffle and the sport loses it’s shop window. The Grand National is responsible for sparking the interest in racing of the majority of those in or around the sport. What does the sport have to entice outsider’s in when it’s shop window is gone? The sport needs The Grand National. Without it the sport is in dire straits. The last thing I want is the death of a sport that has been my passion all my life. Disgusting, I know.

    Ex RubyLightEx RubyLight
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    How can we guarantee the future of the race when people can’t differentiate between the Grand National and any other handicap?

    1st Tiger Roll: the most versatile NH horse on the planet.
    2nd: Magic of Light: The surprise package on the race, but the first ever GN runner from a very shrewd stable that has hit form at the right time.
    3rd Rathvinden: a G3 (Bobbyjo) winner last time out and a Festival winner over 4 miles (NH Chase) in 2018.
    4th Walk in the Mill: Winner of the Becher Chase in December
    5th Anibale Fly: a GC 3rd in 2018 and the runner-up in 2019
    6th One For Arthur: A former GN winner (2017)

    This was a rather typical outcome for a classy Grand National with just about the best horses filling the first 6 places.

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    O Leary ruling out a third national , Elliot not so sure. We shall see. Can understand it would be asking a lot under top weight. Will need to get tickets early if cross country 2020 is to be his last race!

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    Brilliant post again, Peter.

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    What people don’t seem to recognise is that the knee jerk reactions to any incident leading to so many alterations is going to prove detrimental in the long run.

    “Knee jerk reactions to an incident” is only what those criticising any change want to think of it as, Peter.

    In truth, BHA never act on one incident. They act when several incidents add up to there probably being a problem.

    Not acting when several incidents suggest a problem is more likely to “prove detrimental in the long run”.

    value is everything
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    Other than Tiger Roll, for me the horse to take out the race was One For Arthur. Considering he hasn’t run a full race in two years that was a screamer yesterday.

    We know he loves the course so with a full seasons prep behind him he could be a major player next year.

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