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2015 Cheltenham Gold Cup

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    I must admit to underestimating CONEYGREE, thought HOLYWELL before the race (because he won twice at past festivals) . However one thing I definitely suspected and was right about, poor favourite was SILVINIACO CONTI, last year when leading after the last he was overtaken by LORD WINDERMERE, ON HIS OWN & THE GIANT BOLSTER. A further study revealed that he’s yet to win at Cheltenham so I concluded that while being a brilliant horse that Cheltenham doesn’t suit him.

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    As far as Silviniaco Conti goes there are many possible reasons:

    There’s one fact yesterday that stands out for me. Pulled too hard to show his form, Fehily having to tug on the reigns. Was that because he does not like Cheltenham? Was it because he can’t go slow enough to stay? Was it because they held the horse up and does not like being behind horses these days? Ridden differently than has done for both Betfair and King George. Probably a mixture of those reasons. But imo would not have stayed the trip at any course being so free. If mine he’d go for the Ryanair next year unless there were fewer front-runners in the Blue Riband… Get a view of the front and just hope he settles.

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    Ginger, I hope Coneygree holds his form, but I suspect yesterday’s run will never be repeated. Carruthers first 2 chase wins were from the front with big margin victories. He then got a hara kiri ride from Mattie Batchelor in the RSA (I must admit, I wrote then that I thought he’d never recover from that). He proved me wrong in that he won a handful more in his career but he improved his OR by just 1lb after the RSA, and what had looked a highly promising career came to little, barring his shock Hennessy win.

    Temperament might well have played a part, but what causes bad temperament? Rides like the one in the RSA maybe? Any horse has only so much to give, and after big days and gruelling runs, a significant number never again find that form. Grand National winners are a good example.

    May be my explanation of Carruthers of “temperamental” was over-stating the point Joe. When in front or disputing the lead Carruthers was and still is genuine and tries his heart out in a finish. However, when unable to get the wanted/needed position became increasingly moody. But look at the number of races he ran in. Is it the gruelling races that took its toll? Or just the fact he’s had so many races over his life, sure to lose form now and again. Just as a more lightly raced horse loses its form from time to time over a longer period? I see Timeform agree with you about Carruthers’s gruelling races Joe.

    Coneygree is likely to have a lot longer to get over his races than Carruthers.

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    So many highlights this week, hard to know where to start.

    I had high hopes for Holywell but with the rain yesterday morning, his chance was significantly lessened and in the circumstances he ran ran a cracker in fourth, well clear of those in behind. A pity for many of us on here that he couldn’t get into third but on that ground you’d have to be happy with him. On good ground he’d have had a bigger say.

    You do get the feeling however that this was his chance and next year’s race could be significantly stronger, with the three who beat him all improving and Don Poli and Vautour other possible contenders.

    On first impressions the right sort of horses filled the places. The front four were the unexposed types who have been showing improvement and there was a lot less of the shock factor about this year’s result than last year’s.

    Coneygree is still a novice and as such you’d expect there is more to come from him next season. Djakadam is only a six year old and the improvement he has made from the Hennessy to the Thyestes to Cheltenham is phenomenal. He put any stamina doubts to rest yesterday and while I couldn’t have had him at the prices yesterday, he certainly delivered on the hype. Road To Riches is another to have come a long way in the past year and who is to say there’s not more to come from him too.

    A huge well done to the Bradstocks for what was a brave decision: if it had backfired they were wide open for what would likely be widespread criticism. You can’t but like Coneygree’s attitude and there’s something I think every racing fan admires about a horse who goes he does from the front.

    Well done Zamarston :good:

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    I expected Silviniaco Conti to be ridden much closer to the pace. Even so , the fact of the matter
    is that the clearly doesn’t stay , and just cannot perform at Cheltenham in the same way he
    does at other courses. The penny has finally dropped with Paul Nicholls that Silviniaco Conti
    will never win a Gold Cup .

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    I see Timeform agree with you about Carruthers’s gruelling races Joe.

    Interesting…what did they say?

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    An enjoyable race but an absolute sickener from a betting point view having backed both Djakadam (Win) and Holywell (EW) at 50/1. Top that anyone? Beaten by a horse who wasn’t a certain runner a couple of days ago and who clearly benefited from the rain. You wonder if anything could have been different but probably not. Perhaps given the way he stayed on Walsh wouldn’t have nursed Djakadam for quite so long but an all out drive from three out isn’t his bag. If you really need someone to literally lift one home with a sustained drive Geraghty is the the man. Holywell was probably more unlucky as he jumped pretty well and was always well positioned. Hard to believe he wouldn’t gone close without the rain. Might have beens don’t appear in record books though and the winner’s connections took the plunge and thoroughly deserved their success. Just a shame that the ‘Noble Lord’ wasn’t there to witness the triumph.

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