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I for one would be very annoyed if they did start charging for many of the things on there.

Some of you might think its value, but for the usual racing fan, that isn’t that much of a betting man (usually small stakes) it is awful.

Most people use media (mostly the Racing Post) to get into racing, if they start charging for site usage, it will deter people from the sport, imo.

We pay enough to get into race meeting etc without having to pay for getting form on the internet. They charge enough for the newspaper, which keeps rising.

Horse Racing is something i enjoy but in England it is too expensive to follow that closely.

I recently returned from the US where i went to Santa Anita, and for their biggest days racing in the entire year i was amazed that general admission (Tatts to you and i) was just $5, Club house $8.50 and Turf Club (members) $20!!!!! Their race cards only $2.25 and the DRF $3, i think.

In France it is just the same……..

Why do WE have to pay through the roof for a sport we love to follow? Because a select few are always willing to pay these stupid costs, pushing the smaller fans away.

Adding anymore costs to the RP website, no matter how good it is would be unforgiving imo. I didn’t see that the site needed improving from the last upgrade.