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Naps, that’s probably the most sensible and practical suggestion I’ve heard about the logistics of weighing.

However, I’ve still to be convinced that:<br>1) The information will have practical benefits in the majority of cases.  I can see the advantages for mature, seasoned geldings, running regularly over similar distances, where an ‘ideal’ constant could be measured.  But for growing horses, those returning from long lay-offs, fillies in and out of season, and those who don’t run frequently, I think it will be difficult to establish a pattern that would make weights in any way meaningful.<br>2) It would be worth the expense at this moment in time.  Racing has other, larger issues to deal with.  Can’t be too expensive to weigh a few horses?  Every course would need a weighbridge installing, or enough portables would be needed to cover bank holidays, plus maintenance and transport costs.  Staff costs to monitor the weighing.  A system needed for declaration of weights, holding the data and releasing it to the media.

If racing gets a windfall, great, spend it on super-duper gadgets so we can pretend to be like Hong Kong.  But weighing isn’t an answer the major problems with racing’s integrity, or even the answer to the handicap puzzle of the 2.40 at Southwell.