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UK sectional timing has gone belly up and it will only be done for AW racing in future.<br>Meanwhile USA tracks are falling over themsleves to get the Trakus systems which are a crib of what Turftrax started.<br>Going sticks are only funded for a year.<br>Clerks cannot be bothered to run a 30m tape around the course from one year to the next.<br>Weighbridges can be installed for around £1000.<br>Racing is supposed to be a major industry of the forth richest nation on the planet.<br>Even the poor relation of greyhound racing has dog weighing, sectionals and accurate race distances.

Exactly when are we going to get anything let alone any priority? HRA have absolutely no interest in integrity of racing when it comes to persuading the industry to spend any of the money coming from owners and punters. Meanwhile racing has dropped to 40% of betting from 90%. Part of that is the perception that it is a totally bent sport and run by befuddled self serving amateurs.<br>