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Not at all.  I think that the more informed the racing public is the better and if resources were unlimited then I think there are plenty of variables which should be available.  Hong Kong for instance also has details of track work recorded, and the States puts alot of store in sectional splits.  

However, last time I looked, resources were not unlimited.  Sectional timing has only been partly introduced (handtiming is sometimes still used, for goodness sakes) and as yet isn’t in a practical accessable format.  We don’t have consistent going readings.  Innovations such as the Betfair blanket are great, but need to be more widely available.  Official industry security lacks real power. There isn’t even a secure financial arrangement for the future of the sport.  

So I think prioritising is necessary and the less important variables (ie not the going and the distance!!) are the ones that should probably be left alone for now.

Or are you planning to arrange and fund a weighing system yourself?