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doesn’t this really highlight what happens when connections wrap a star horse in cotton wool?

Connections of the horse have clearly built WOA’s season around the Gold Cup, running him in races on the wrong kind of ground – not seeking out big races on the other side of the pond on better ground (and not having him fit enough to win any of the races he has run in so far this season), with the intention of having him spot-on for Friday 16th March.

Mouse Morris has clearly been studying at the ‘Henrietta Knight School of Training’.

This was what I was thinking.

I remember similar comments when it was announced that Best Mate would miss the Gold Cup 2 years ago.

While I don’t think that WoA is necessarily a horse that would take a lot of races in a season, there seems to have been a

"we’ll just run him in the heavy ground in Ireland because there’s only one race we care about"

attitude about his campaign and, IMO, they would have been better bringing him to England for the likes of the King George.