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Quote: from Galejade on 4:44 pm on Mar. 11, 2007[br]I am a breeder and since the breeding season only started on Feb 15th and many mares even if they foaled early are not yet ready to meet the stallions I think this thread is overestimating the" Coolmore doing a goodwill gesture to customers" thing. As a real goodwill gesture to those mares who missed GW because he could not perform Coolemore could  offer a proven Danehill sire in Danehill Dancer( at GW’s fee) who would be fully capable of adding another 20 mares or so to his book. For those mares not yet arrived they will make other arrangements in any event. HRE is not GW and the market will not consider him so. If I owned Sal’s 3 mares they would not be visiting HRE. I would expect travel cost and board refunds from Coolmore and I would be off to the second choice stallion I had on my list at Coolmores expense as far as non fee items were concerned.

Im in the same situation as you and in the past we have used Coolmore stallions.  I  can only agree with regard to this idea of a goodwill gesture.  For one thing,  coolmore is not on another planet and there is loads of time and easy access to other sires.  Also, why is it people assume HRE would be a natural replacement to GW.  There two completely different animals.

I think its reasonably obvious to suggest that they felt  HREs best days were already had.

Just on the person who sent three mares to the same first season sire.  I doubt that would be considered shrewed if your looking to avoid disaster, however Coolmore and its connections often splash out well over the odds for there own first season projeny thus giving them a big push.