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But as they can provide a substitute, I can see why it is more politic for them to do so – even if it means upsetting punters.

Bilko, I wouldn’t mind much, but I know the stud are gong to be on the phone first thing tomorrow morning wanting me to change all their stuff!

I completely agree that so many breeders don’t think it through when sending mares to new stallions – they see a bandwagon and leap on it, trying to be part of the next big thing.  If I ruled the world I would introduce covering limits – 60 mares max for a new Gr.1 winner, 50 for a lesser Group winner, 40 for a non-winner.  I’d let the figures go up once they had their first winning progeny, and again when they had their first black-type winner, and again with their first champion.  It would mean even the likes of Sadler’s Wells would still be restricted to max 120 in a season, and I think that would be a good thing.

Sorry for hijacking the thread for one of my pet rants.