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Looking at it from the breeders perspective, you’ve got to remember that it is already the breeding season.  Most of the mares booked for George will already have arrived at Coolmore, most heavily in foal or will have just foaled.  This is not the time to be transferring them around the country.  If Coolmore don’t have any stallions on their stud available to service the mares then it is likely those mares will have a blank year, or an extremely late unfavourable covering.  Those that can successfully transfer to other stallions are, of course, then going to the opposition.

This is not just about Coolmore losing this year’s fees for George – it is about messing breeders around and losing a great deal in goodwill.  A stallion death just has to be accepted, but breeders would be right to be p**s
ed off being sold a brand-new super stallion only to find at the last minute he is a jaffa.

One of my clients has 3 nice mares booked to George, one of them a late transfer when being persuaded to switch from Oratorio. For small commercial stud to be forced into 3 ‘no returns’ in a year is a disaster and I can see why Coolmore is determined to avoid all the bad PR with the mare owners.

Doesn’t mean that HRE isn’t a great shame though, and just goes to show that packing ROG off to Japan was a bad idea.  The craze for unproven stallions is bound to have repercussions.