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dave 22
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Detroit City clearly needs a break, i dont think it is so much to do with how many runs he has had because he has only had 6 runs this year, but he has been in training a long time as his first run was in October, meaning he has been doing serious work since last August and maybe before. Thats 9 months of going up the gallops, and for some horses that is plenty.<br>Hopefully he will be back next year, but i wouldnt be suprised if we dont see him until December time for the Bula. <br>I think describing horses as bullies etc is abit stupid really, and if anything he is a thinker, and i would iagine he thinks he has worked hard enough this season.<br>He could do with some hunting imo to freshen him up, it will be a real shame if the real Detroit City has gone