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Quote: from Maxilon 5 on 1:20 pm on Dec. 22, 2006[br]The Cheltenham executive are clearly up on their micro-economics.  

Cheltenham tickets are Giffen goods, where demand increases in line with increased price as consumers attach their own added value to ownership of the ticket. (Snob/exclusivity value, or "I was there" value).  They’ll rise next year too.

I have to agree with Pengamon. American horse racing is THE best sporting value available. It’s unbelievable, like paying two and six to see your local football team donkeys back. In some cases, (Delaware Park), it’s free.

There are a lot of American tracks that I would actually need to be given money to go to-after visiting once for the novelty value-Delaware Park isn’t one of them. The racing is good and you never know if you’re going to go there and see a top class horse making their debut-Afleet Alex and Barbaro both started there.

I guess there is a price that i’m prepared to pay to a British track in order to have the ability to duel with the on-course bookmakers but it isn’t the £80 Cheltenham wants, whatever Royal Ascot wants now and whatever priced Newmarket wanted to share the racecourse with a load of drunken hoodlums on 2000 Guineas day-which was the last day I set foot on a British racecourse-with the exception of a free day on July Cup day.

Selling my house in Newmarket and buying a shoebox in Saratoga is the best thing i’ve ever done-and the £ gained 5 cents against the $ in the week before the deal closed!