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Lovely Lady
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…but just who is asserting that they are the same ?  I don’t get that.  I see them quite differently and appreciate the thrill of both.  I also enjoy point to point and to me that’s a little different again, as is the all weather.   <br> I remember Jenny Pitman once saying that she had no interest in the flat whatsoever,  so like you it’s her prerogative but  to my mind if you like horses, racing and having a little flutter to go with it, then I just feel people are missing out and those of us who go for all of it are the lucky ones, if we’re not in the poor house,  but I did draw the line at banded though,  and as for the politics…forget it!

Alan may be a hard man, I wouldn’t know, but I like the way he rides and I always felt I got my money’s worth with him, if you’ll excuse my choice of words

I think we’ve long since got used to your colourful dialect hopper…in fact if I don’t see it I think you must be someone else.:) <br>