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Who’s sectional’s are they Reet? Chief Dan George’s or Wl’s?

From a time perspective, the top hurdler’s ran basically the same time as Chief Dan George and Mighty man was 13l’s clear of BJK and the current world hurdle champion. So they weren’t hugely slow. Alberta’s run carried a stone less to victory (Makes refinement’s time look impressive) so perhaps that explains the difference in times. Probably a horse to follow though.

The last sectional time is incredibly slow in WL’s race so that would suggest he wasn’t done for toe as your suggesting and was in fact slowing up massively. That interpretation is based on how you have timed it, but I would guess WL was the first horse over the last sectional and CDG was obviously the first over the line. So WL probably ran an even slower last sectional than your giving us.

All this shows me Reet is that WL ran a very slow last sectional suggesting that he was out on his feet, not done for toe as you suggest. It also suggests the novice distance hurdlers aren’t that good, relatively speaking. I don;t really see how this helps your argument. Perhaps if you timed CDG and WL’s sectionals individually it would give a better picture of how the race panned out rather than trying to compare it to other races.